Ykhar icon
Race Brownie
Gender Female Female
Birthday 28th September
Guard Light Gem Light Guard
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Light blue
Height 161 cm = 5,3 feet
Relatives Mother
First Appearance Episode 4

Ykhar is a brownie that befriends Guardian.

Description Edit

A young member of the Light Guard, Ykhar is very sensitive to panic attacks, even if the reason is often quite... Futile. It's normal to not understand everything she says as she uses a very strange language and expressions that only she understands.[1]

Appearance Edit

She has long orange hair with matching color rabbit ears, along with light blue eyes. She often appears to look very timid.

Personality Edit

After ten or so years on the road looking for small jobs, the young brownie settled into the Guard of El. Since then, she has found friends and safety, which doesn't keep her from being stressed or on the look-out. Very sensitive, she can quite spiteful unless a timely and sincere apology is given.

Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Ykhar is inspired by the game's scenario writer, "Hikaru".
  • Ykhar knows many books from the humar world.
  • Consider Mery as her brother.
  • Never met her father.
  • Doesn't get along with her mother, since whenever they talk they argue.
  • According to Keroshane, Ykhar can speak more than 15 languages.
  • Is being blackmailed by Leiftan.
  • According to Keroshane, she has a weakness for muscular men with light long hair.
  • She used to be in the Obsidian guard.
  • Her companion is a Sitourche named Mall.
  • Dies in episode 27.
  • She reads the novel The Night of the Times, already read at least 3 times.

References Edit

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