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Purroko has decided to introduce you to the Hanajoo game during the celebration of lovers… But don’t worry, the Leaders of the Guard aren’t far.

Summary Edit

  • February 12 to February 26 (14 days)
  • 1 exclusive illustration
  • Two new available companions
  • 3 new outfits + 3 new hairstyle
  • Find things through exploration
  • Year 2019 outfits can be made via Alchemy


Valentine's Day 2020 Game Board

This event was board game styled. You threw two dices in order to move on game board and you could land on 36 hopscotches divided into three categories.

  1.  In the first category, elements of the Tempting Herbalist outfit were be unearthed.
  1. In the second category, you could discover items for your companions (for example incubators). Once this category's 8 hopscotch were validated, an Exclusive Companion will be yours!
  1. The third category holded 16 question hopscotches. How well do you know the Leaders of the Guard? Answer their questions and when you had answered correctly to them all, an Event Illustration was awarded to you. It was not necessary to get the answers correct right away.

Dice rolls and other things, such as Cherry Tree Archer outfit and Etheralm companion are possible to be found during explorations.

Third outfit could be gotten if purchased from the Bank.

Correct answersEdit


- His companion is an Alfeli named Taenmil.

- He loves to eat honey.

- He is 182 cm tall.

- He appreciates a talent for Repartee.


- He is from the village of Yaqut.

- His companion is a Gallytrot named Sheitan (Arabic for Demon).

- Karenn knows him best (she is his sister after all!).

- He would give you a red rose to share his feelings.


- His companion is a Musarose.

- He is the leader of the Obsidian Guard.

- The Hanajoo game makes him uncomfortable because he hates talking about himself.

- He finds you particularly troubling.


- His companion, a Panalulu named Amaya, is a real little pest (but Leiftan loves her anyway!).

- Leiftan is a member of the Light Guard.

- His birthday is on the 17th of July.

- He likes your constant modesty.

Outfits Edit

The outfits from the Valentine's Day 2019 Event are also available in the shop for gold if they were made in Alchemy then. If not, they can be made in Alchemy again this year.

Companion Edit

Image Name Food How to get
Hanajoo Egg Hanajoô Love Candies From the game board
Etheralm Egg Etheralm Chocolate Candy Exploration by using correct bait, Glass Comb

Illustrations Edit

Gallery Edit

  • Light Scroll
  • Obsidian Scroll
  • Shadow Scroll
  • Absynthe Scroll
  • Pink Ball of String
  • Pink Cloth
  • Pink Fabric
  • Pink Sewing Kit
  • Pink Satin
  • Nymphe Hair
  • Passionate Essence
  • Perfect Love Essence
  • Essence of Love
  • Rose Water Shampoo

Trivia Edit

  • This was first board game styled event in Eldarya. They are more commonly familiar in My Candy Love.
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