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On February 14th, 2017, the main administrator on Eldarya opened a thread announced the start of the Valentine's Day event.[1] From February 14th to February 22nd, players could give chocolates to Ezarel, Nevra, Valkyon, and Leiftan.

Throughout the event, players had to obtain four different ingredients. After they had found or recieved the ingredients, a button could be clicked that would "mix" them together. Each mixture gave four chocolates. If a player was having trouble finding ingredients, chocolates could be bought for 10 Gold Coins.

The player could choose which guy they wanted to give chocolates to. After receiving the gift, that guy would have a small bit of dialogue and a pop up would appear with a piece of equipment and its various colors. Players would click on the color they wanted and the item would be placed in their inventory. The other colors for that item would then become available in the Clothes Shop and could be purchased for either Maana or Gold Coins. Pieces from the guys or from the shop cannot be sold through the market.

All three guys could be given nine chocolates each, represented by a little bar on the bottom left corner of the event page. Once the bar was full, that guy would blush and become unavailable for further gifting. After all of the guys were finished, Leiftan became available. In order to receive his gift, a companion called Lovigis, players had to give him five chocolates.

The event page showed a blurred out version of the illustration and how many pieces were collected. Illustration pieces could be found by exploring any location on the City of El map or be purchased for 20 GCs each.


Even Leiftan had a present for us. He gave us the Lovigis' egg after giving him 5 chocolates[1]had given. You did not get the egg until you had the boys' outfits complete.

Image Name Food How to get
Lovigis Egg.png Lovigis Love Candies Give five chocolates to Leiftan


For individual pieces of each outfit, see Valentine's Day 2017 Event/Outfit Pieces.
Every time we gave a chocolat to a boy, we received a garment and could choose it for free in any color. If you wanted the garment in a different color, this had to be bought for Maana or gold in the shop. The items were only available in the shop if they were unlocked before.
Image Name From... Variants Price
Secret Ingredient.png
Secret Ingredient Ezarel 12 3450 575
Shadow's Mistress.png
Shadow's Mistress Nevra 12 3420 570
Warrior's Maid.png
Warrior's Maid Valkyon 12 2730 455

Other Items[]

Image Name How to get
Item Love Cocoa Beans.png Love Cocoa Beans Found easily through exploration
Item Salty Sugar.png Sweet Salty Can be found on most pages on the site
Item Sugary Salt.png Sugary Salt Win at least 7 maana on one of the minigames
Item Caramoney Jam.png Caramoney Jam Buy anything on the Market
Item Chocolate.png Chocolate Combine the four ingredients from above
Item Illustration Fragment.png Illustration Fragment Can be found at any exploration location

Where to find Sweet Salty[]

  • Terms of Service Page, link at the bottom of the page (search at the bottom or the top of the page)
  • Goodies page, link at the bottom of the page (search at the bottom or the top of the page)
  • Mini-games (on the Purro-Swap image)
  • Clothes Shop (on Purriry's head)
  • Market (on your head)
  • "Edit my appearance" (on your head)
  • Messages or Contacts (on someone's head)
  • Pet's page (near "My companion")
  • Bank (near the gold coins tab)
  • Ranking (reward of the month)
  • Library (on the pop-up when you modify your crush)


With a little luck, the companion sometimes brought along a part of his expedition. When all 8 pieces were found, we got the event picture. Alternatively, the image parts could also be purchased for every 20 gold pieces.