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Hi all. I think it would be good if when uploading item images we had some sort of consistent naming convention. I notice we've been creating a lot of duplicates and I totally understand why. It's not practical to look back through the entire list for what you are after.

If we name them consistently though, it would help avoid this and save time when you're looking for something.

My suggestion would be.

  • Hairstyle itemname.png
  • Clothing itemname.png
  • Food itemname.png
  • Bait itemname.png
  • Scroll itemname.png
  • Item itemname.png (For Gasses and Liquids and Plants. Or something else generic, such as an incubator)

Where "itemname" is the full name as it is in-game seperated by spaces/underscores. Eg. "Clothing Eldarya Top.png"

What do you all think about this?