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    A new admin

    November 18, 2016 by FernFTW

    So, as you may know, the founder of this wiki, Minry, has not been active for over a year now. Which is honestly quite sad because that means they may not have begun playing the actual English version of Eldarya yet.   But that's besides the point.

    A wiki can only last so long without an admin, and someone does need to try and take up that task. I've been working on this wiki for a while now, and thoroughly love doing it, as such I feel up to taking on the status of admin.

    Obviously I'm not alone on the wiki though, and would like to have others opinions on if you think I'd be a good admin, or if there if someone else is better suited for the task.

    Along with this, from what I understand (I did a little research before writing this) once an a…

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  • FernFTW

    I believe that only an administrator can do this, and if not I haven't learned how, but I do believe there should be an easier way to access the Episode List page. Currently you'd have to search through the catagories, or go to one of the episode pages and go to the catagories from there. I suppose you could also use the search bar, but it's very easy to miss things using that. Perhaps I'm just spoiled from the My Candy Love Wiki, but I believe that would be a good addition to the navigation bar.

    Thank you for reading, and please do this if you can c:

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