Twylda icon
Race Brownie
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Greenish grey
Relatives Mery (son)

Swen (spouse)

First Appearance Episode 9 (as a shadow character)

Twylda is a resident of the City of El. She is kind and empathetic woman who has lived through good and bad reconstructing herself day by day. She sometimes suffers panic attacs.

Appearance Edit

Twylda has blonde short hair and ram's horns as she is a brownie. She has dented cheeks and black circles under her eyes. Her clothes are rather simple and mostly colored with brown with some details made with red, black and gold.

Personality Edit

She is extremely kind, helpful and empathetic even towards her enemies as shown with Mary-Anne who killed her son but Twylda was able to forgive her and even helps her to recover since she understood that Mary-Anne wasn't responsible of her crazy state of mind. She also comfronted other mothers who had also lost their child despite being hurt herself too.

Due to her losses in the past, she sometimes suffers from panic attacks. She is also shown to be very fragile as she tried to commit suicide after her son's death and later when her son's killer was captured, she had a heart stroke.

As a mother, she knows how to comfort a child as she did with Milo when she told him that Mery isn't never going to return.

Plot Edit

Episode 9Edit

When we find Mery, we have to take him back to his mother, who is in the infirmary. 

Episode 14Edit

We learn her name.

Episode 22Edit

She makes her first revealed appearance after his son disappeared. Tries to commit suicide.

Episode 23Edit

She suffers a heart attack after seeing Mary-Anne.

Relationships Edit


He is her son who she loves very dearly. She was very devastated when he died and even tried to kill herself since she felt that she didn't have anything left within the living.


He was her husband but he died before the story started. Much isn't known about him but it's clear that Twylda loved him much and was sorrowed when he died.


She cares about her and was very thankful for her when she didn't abandon her alone to middle of her griefing. She also saved her from killing herself and made her realize that she is not alone and that Mery would have wanted her to continue living.

Ezarel and NevraEdit

She doesn't really like Ezarel but is interested in Nevra.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The first time we see her appearance is in episode 22. Before that, she was only a shadow.
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