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Race Brownie
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Grey
Relatives Mery (son)

Swen (spouse)

First Appearance Episode 9

Twylda is a resident of the City of El

Appearance Edit

Twylda has blonde short hair and ram's horns. She looks very thin on the cheeks. Her clothes are rather simple. Her coat has red edges, she also wears a belted cloth with gold ornaments. In addition, Twylda has brown leather bracelets on her arms and a necklace with a green stone.

Personality Edit

We never met her husband because he unfortunately died because of the broken crystal. Unstable, she is prone to anxiety attacks and can be aggressive.

Plot Edit

Episode 9Edit

When we find Mery , we have to take him back to his mother, who is in the infirmary. 

Episode 14Edit

We learn that her name is Twylda. She is unstable and often makes panic attacks. She does not like Ezarel much and is interested in Nevra.

If we do the episode with Valkyon, it forces her out of her home to make her safe. Of course, she does not let herself go and struggles violently. On the contrary, if Ezarel takes care of it, he fails and gets scratched on his neck. He asks Ewelein to take care of it.

This situation does not seem to disturb Mery.

Episode 22Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The first time we see her appearance is in episode 22. Before that, she was only a shadow.

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