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Race Dragon
Gender Female Female
Guard Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Relatives Ashkore (son)
Valkyon (son)
First Appearance Episode 26

Tia is Ashkore and Valkyon's mother. 

Appearance Edit

Tia is a pretty woman with dark skin and long brown hair. Her eyes are icy blue, like those of her son Ashkore. She has blue scales scattered on her arms and three small parts under each eye, she has blue nails filed like little claws and a long tail, her legs are also part dragon. She wears clothes of several different shades of purple. She has silver bracelets on each wrist and a purple mitten in her left hand, she wears blue earrings resembling crystals. Her outfit is composed of a dress in purple transparent veil and a dark purple jacket decorated with different shapes and having some kind of branch on her epaulettes.

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