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The Shadow Guard is one of four guards that oversee Eldarya.


They are agile and discreet. They excel in night missions, and lightning espionage. This guard is specialized in exploration, but also anything having to deal with notions of discretion of information.

Known Members[]


All guards that Guardian can join have clothes specific to that guard. Equipment that has a small purple gem in the top right corner indicates that anyone in the Shadow Guard can wear that item. If a player is not apart of that guard, they will not be able to wear that item. These clothes can be found via exploration or bought on the Market.


Picture Name Classification Frequency
Clothing Shadow Guard Shoulder Pad.png Shadow Guard Shoulder Pad Coat Common
Clothing Evil Shadow Cape.png Evil Shadow Cape Coats Legendary
Clothing Evil Shadow Shorts.png Evil Shadow Shorts Bottoms Legendary
Clothing Evil Shadow Boots.png Evil Shadow Boots Shoes Legendary
Clothing Evil Shadow Belt.png Evil Shadow Belt Bottoms Legendary
Clothing Evil Shadow Top.png Evil Shadow Top Tops Legendary
Clothing Evil Shadow Hat.png Evil Shadow Hat Hats Legendary
Clothing Sweet Shinobi Mask.png Sweet Shinobi Mask Face Accessories Legendary
Clothing Sweet Shinobi Savory Cookie.png Sweet Shinobi Savory Cookie Hand Accessories Legendary
Clothing Sweet Shinobi Dagger.png Sweet Shinobi Dagger Hand Accessories Legendary
Clothing Sweet Shinobi Sleeve.png Sweet Shinobi Sleeve Hand Accessories Legendary
Sweet Shinobi Top.png Sweet Shinobi Top Tops Legendary
Sweet Shinobi Boots.png Sweet Shinobi Boots Shoes Legendary

Guard Outfits[]