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An Eldarian specie focused on trading. They look like cats.

(Descriptions are translated from French and are (for the most part) attempted to be rephrased into proper English)


Purral is a vagabond cat. He travels incessantly to recover rare and precious objects. It is always difficult to negotiate with him, be careful not to overpay! He is also the keeper of Purro'Swap-mini game.


Purriry has fashion in her blood! Indeed, this cat is the owner of the Clothes Shop. She often wants to sell clothes to  Guardian. She speaks very noble like.

Pay attention to your wallet, it risks to empty quickly!


Purreru is the seller of the Companion shop, he knows absolutely everything there is to know about our little (or not) companions! He is very shy and stuttering, making him difficult to understand, but if you listen, he always gives good advice.


Purroy is an original. It must be the vapors and different potions that abound in his store of alchemy that rise to the head! He is also the keeper of Alchemy-mini game.


Purroko is the strangest of all among the purrekos, he possesses strange powers that allow him to go back in time so that we can revoke the choices that we have made.

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