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Poulpatata from the Depths
Poulpatata from the Depths Adult.png
Rarity Epic
Luck Baby: 165-215
Adult: 195-235
Food Dragonfly Fish
Bait Inkwell
Hatch Time 240 minutes
(4 hours)
Energy Baby: 90
Adult: 120
Store Price N/A

Poulpatata from the Depths is the nocturnal version of Poulpatata.


Unlike their orange cousins, the purring of the Depth Poulpatata is quite simply screeching. It is abhorrent to the ear!


  • Available from 6PM to 6AM (Eastern Time) at Deep Waters (City of El)
  • Can be purchased on the Market

Food & Bait[]

Energy & Hatching[]

The egg hatches in 240 minutes (four hours). The energy as a baby is 90 which goes to 120 as an adult.

Evolution Requirements[]

  • Have reached level 8
  • Have an Affection Level of at least 80%
  • Must be at least 30 days old



  • Poulpatata from the Depths is one of two nocturnal versions, the other being Nocturnal Dalafa.


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