Panalulu Adult
Rarity Legendary
Average Luck 332
Food Iridescent Beetles
Bait None
Hatch Time 720 minutes
(8 hours)
Baby Energy 90
Adult Energy 130
Store Price 450 Gold Coin

Panalulu is a Companion.

Description Edit

Very down to earth, the Panalulu is a "house" companion. Like the Liclion, it's more affectionate in its adult form, especially when it can eat its favorite pearly insects.

Obtaining Edit

Food & Bait Edit

They eat Iridescent Beetles. They do not have a bait.

Energy & Hatching Edit

The egg hatches in 720 minutes (eight hours). Their energy as a baby is 90 which goes to an 130 as an adult.

Evolution Requirements Edit

  • Have reached level 10
  • Have an Affection Level of at least 85%
  • Must be at least 30 days old

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Leiftan's companion is a Panalulu named Amaya.
  • The name of this pet is a resemblence of the "red panda" and "blue".

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