The Obsidian Guard is one of four guards that see over Eldarya.

Description Edit

The members of the Obsidian Guard have a great sense of duty. Their specialty lies in great knowledge and weapons training. They excel in combat. It's members tend to consist of the strongest species of Eldarya and nothing can beat them in a battle.

Known Members Edit

Clothing Edit

All guards that Guardian can join have clothes specific to that guard. Equipment that has a small red gem in the top right corner indicates that anyone in the Obsidian Guard can wear that item; red is for the Obsidian Guard, green is for the Absynthe Guard, and purple is for the Shadow Guard. If a player is not apart of that guard, they will not be able to wear that item. These clothes can be found via exploration or bought on the Market.

List Edit

Picture Name Classification Frequency
Clothing Obsidian Guard Shoulder Pad Obsidian Guard Shoulder Pad Coats Common
Clothing Magma Berserk Belt Magma Berserk Belt Belts Legendary
Clothing Magma Berserk Gloves Magma Berserk Gloves Gloves Legendary
Clothing Magma Berserk Armbands Magma Berserk Armbands Hand Accessories Legendary
Clothing Magma Berserk Socks Magma Berserk Socks Socks Legendary
Clothing Magma Berserk Boots Magma Berserk Boots Shoes Legendary
Clothing Magma Berserk Skirt Magma Berserk Skirt Bottoms Legendary
Clothing Magma Berserk Necklace Magma Berserk Necklace Necklaces Legendary
Clothing Magma Berserk Top Magma Berserk Top Tops Legendary
Clothing Valhalla's Guardian Shorts Valhalla's Guardian Shorts Bottoms Legendary
Clothing Valhalla's Guardian Belt Valhalla's Guardian Belt Belts Legendary
Clothing Valhalla's Guardian Axe Valhalla's Guardian Axe Hand Accessories Legendary
Seiya Wigs Legendary
Valhalla's Guardian Leggings Bottoms Legendary
Divine Beverage Valhalla's Guardian Hand Accessories Legendary

Guard Outfits Edit


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