Nevra icon
Race Vampire
Gender Male Male
Birthday 4th December
Guard Shadow Gem Shadow Guard (leader)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Height 181 cm = 5,11 feet
Relatives Karenn (sister)
First Appearance Episode 2

Nevra leads the Shadow Guard. He has quite the ego and enjoys the company of girls. He is one of the few members of the guard that takes the "ranking" to heart, and tries to keep his guard at the top of the list every month.

In episode 14 we've learned, that his companion may have a connection with his eye band.

In episode 15 Karenn told us, that their parents are still alive.

Appearance Edit

Nevra has raven black hair and lavender eyes. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye because Shaitan pierced it. His ears are pointy. He has a wide mouth and often smiles. He has a slim build. He wears a black suit with purple and red details, a white sleeve and black boots.

Personality Edit

If vampires are known flirts, Nevra is no exception to this rule. Known in the Guard of El for his multiple conquests (especially in Absynthe Guard), he still makes an understanding and considerate leader. He always listens to Valkyon's orders.

Relationships Edit

Guardian Edit

((Coming soon))

Ezarel and Valkyon Edit

They are his friends. They must get along well because they are leaders of the guards.

Karenn Edit

Karenn is Nevra's sister. They get along very well, but Karenn sometimes uses it to her advantage.

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Trivia Edit

  • "Nevra" is an anagram of word "raven" (this bird is Shadow Guard's symbol)
  • His companion name means demon in arabic.
  • Although being a vampire, he is not immortal.
  • Tends to feed on girls from the Absynthe guard, something that bothers Ezarel.
  • He likes girls who get jealous.
  • Prefers juicy and undercooked meat.
  • His parents are alive.
  • Doesn't like to be alone, and always surrounds himself with people, mainly girls.
  • Upon Guardienne's arrival, Nevra made a promise not to drink her blood.
  • He has shown some talent in slow dancing and tango.
  • Nevra became much more arrogant after learning that vampires were quite popular among humans and above all, after reading the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
  • According to Alajea, Nevra likes dogs a lot.
  • He is known for his many conquest, romances and broken hearts.
  • Consider Ezarel and Valkyon his best friends.
  • His companion is a Gallytrot named Shaitan (Arabic for Demon).
  • He doesn't like cotton sheets, and prefers silk sheets.
  • Only lies on rare occasions.
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