Naytili 200x200
Gender Female Female
Birthday Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Height Unknown
First Appearance Episode 17

Naytili is a former member of the Guard who seeks revenge. She took possession of a contaminated crystal of great power.

She became an ally of Leiftan and Ashkore in her revenge plan, however she was quickly eliminated by Leiftan, after having seriously injured Guardian.

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In her request for revenge Naytili does not hesitate to resort to any means necessary to achieve her goal, nor does she seem to forget easily as it's already been 10-15 years since she left the guard. According to Miiko she was left out for a serious offense.

She is an unsscuplous woman, who would not hesitate to sacrifice her own family members or ask for help from the Daemons in order to achieve greater power. The moment one of her relatives turns against her, she will kill them without remorse.

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Trivia Edit

  • On her deathbed, in search of help, Naytili pronounces the names of four daemons: AbaddonBaalPurson and Valefor .
    • In the Bible, Abaddon is a destructive angel.
    • Baal, Pursan and Valefor are demons in the beliefs of the Ars Goetia .
  • She used the names of the dams AlastorDagon and Moloch for her companions.
    • In Greek mythology, Alastor is an avenging demon.
    • In the Bible, Moloch is a demon who made sacrifices of children. Dagon is a god of agriculture, demonized in the texts.
  • Ashkore doesn't give her a lot of money.
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