Mohmiau Adult
Rarity Event/Epic
Average Luck 204
Food Possessed Apple
Bait Ball of Bandages
Hatch Time 240 min
(4 hours)
Baby Energy 100
Adult Energy 130
Store Price 350 Gold Coin

Mohmiaû este un îngrijitor care a fost disponibil în timpul evenimentului Halloween 2018.

Description Edit

Wild, the Mohmiaû is a companion surrounded by legends and mystery. It is still an adorable creature who knows how to win affection.

Obtaining Edit

Food & Bait Edit

They eat Possessed Apples. They can be captured in the wild using the Ball of Bandages.

Energy & Hatching Edit

The egg hatches in 240 minutes (4 hours). Their energy as a baby is 100. Their energy as an adult is 130.

Evolution Requirements Edit

  • Have reached level 9.
  • Have an Affection Level of at least 75%.
  • Must be at least 30 days old.

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Trivia Edit

  • Bakhrahell was also available during the Halloween 2018 Event.

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