Miiko icon
Race Kitsune
Gender Female Female
Guard Light Gem Light Guard (leader)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Blue
First Appearance Episode 1

Miiko is an authoritarian kitsune at the head of the Guard of El. She leads the Light Guard with an iron fist. She is able to detect the potential in those often rejected by their society, and never hesitates to give them a second chance, although she doesn't like to admit it.


Miiko has long black hair and light blue eyes. Her ears and tails are both black.


Authoritarian and almost capricious, this young kitsune wasn't destined to lead the Guard of El so soon. After the death of her predecessor and mentor, Yonuki Kaze, she was forced to assume this rule. Since then, she has been trying to maintain an equilibrium and cohesion between the members of the Guards in the El General Headquarters.



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