Mery icon
Race Brownie
Gender Male Male
Birthday 14th November
Hair Color Blond with Green tips
Eye Color Greenish-yellow
Height 104 cm = 3,4 feet
Relatives Twylda (mother)
First Appearance Episode 3

Mery is a young boy who is staying in the Refuge of El. Curious and sociable, he still has a strong personality and pouts easily. He is also quite sensitive and cries easily... He is a child after all.

Appearance Edit

Mery has short blond hair with green tips. He has a dark brown set of horns, tan colored ears, and golden-green eyes.

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  • He often loses his companion.
  • He sees Ykhar as his sister.
  • He lives in the refuge of Eel with his mother.
  • His companion is a Crylasm.
  • Mery's body is buried near the burrow, his favorite place.
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