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Mery icon.png
Race Brownie
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday 14th November
Hair Color Blond with Green tips
Eye Color Greenish-yellow
Height 104 cm (3,4 feet)
Relatives Twylda (mother)
Swen (father, dead)
First Appearance Episode 3

Mery is a young boy who lives in Refuge of El with his mother.


Mery has short blond hair with green tips. He has a dark brown set of horns, tan colored ears, and golden-green eyes.


He is seen constantly smiling but being still a child he is easily frightened and cries quite often. He is curious and strong-willed by nature and always willing to help others.



Mery was one of the first faeliens who accepted Erika despite her being a human since Mery, being a curious child, saw her as a very interesting being.


Mery's mother is very protective and loving of her only child. She is so completely heartbroken when Mery dies that she tries to commit suicide but has since recovered.


Mery sees Ykhar as his big sister.


Mery and Milo are good friends.


  • He often loses his companion.
    • After Erika teaches him about companions, he gets a new companion: a Crylasm, which he names after Erika's companion.
  • He lived on the other side of Eldarya with his parents but moved to Refuge of El after his father passed away.
  • Mery dies in Episode 21 in hands of Mary-Anne.
    • His body is buried near the burrow, his favorite place.
    • He was revealed in Episode 25 to be stayed in the purgatory after his death because he was worried about his mother's mental health. After Erika promised him that she will keep her safe, Mery's spirit was finally able to rest and continue it's journey to afterlife.
    • During Halloween 2018 Event Mery's ghost could be seen appearing on the site. If the player were past Episode 21, Mery appeared as real ghost but if the player weren't still on that point on the story, Mery appeared as a child dressed in white sheet.