Master Kappa
Master Kappa icon
Race Kappa
Gender Male Male
Guard None
(leader of the Kappa tribe)
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Height 178 cm = 5'9 feet
First Appearance Episode 6

Master Kappa is the head of the Kappa tribe. He is an infinitely wise being. No one knows how old he is for sure, but many rumors have placed him at several thousands of years old.

Appearance Edit

Master Kappa wrinkled and green skinned, like presumably all other Kappas and he has a yellow beak. His eyes are small and he carries leaf puddle, Kappas' vital "organ", on his head. His clothes are brown.

Personality Edit

Master Kappa is very wise and quite mysterious and talk only necessaries. He doesn't trust blindly but is willing to give everyone a chance to be trusted. As a good leader he was also a willing to take a part in fighting against criminals in his village but listened Erika's pleads to him to stay out of the fighting because his people needed him.

Relationships Edit


He didn't trust her at first but learnt to do so in the end.


He seems to care about him.

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Trivia Edit

  • His species doesn't trust humans, and was reluctant to trust Erika.
  • Agrees with the name that Erika gives Elliot.
  • His mother language is japanese.
  • Is married.
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