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The Market is a place where players can sell or buy various items that are possible to find via exploration or obtained from Purro'Swap. The Market becomes available to all players after completing Episode 6 and getting Level 7. Only currency used in the Market is Maana.

How to Use[]

The Market includes the possibility to buy and sell eggs, baits, food, alchemy,bindles and clothing.
The items can be sorted by their category, rarity and price.

  • Equipments (clothing) can also be sorted by type (shoes, tops etc.) and guard.
  • Alchemy can be also be sorted by their type (containers, plants etc.).

The Market also includes "search"-tool; used to find items with their name or just part of their name - for example Sitourche can be found with words "sitourche", "urche", "sito" and "our".

  • Using search word "baby" will give you all eggs on sale - even those which are already named.



When the player has found what they were looking for, they can choose to either bid or purchase the item immediately.

Bid means starting an auction and it locks away the possibility to immediate purchase from everyone. Bidding also means that the seller can't withdraw the item from the Market anymore.

Within 48 hours the player can buy only one item sold by certain seller - this is to avoid abusing the market system. Excluding this rule the player can have as many bids as possible at the same time.


For selling the player must go to "my items"-tab and choose the item to be put on sale. One player can set three items for sale at a time. They must choose a starting price for possible auctions and also price for immediate purchase. Both must be at least 1 maana but they can also be equal. Immediate purchase price can't be lower than starting bid price.

  • The auction must be given length which can be either 12h, 24h or 48h.
  • Selling also includes some sort of tax: for example, item put on sale for 50 maanas shows up as 53 maanas on the market.


In "my auctions"-tab the player can check their own pending sales and pending purchases. Bids can be easily raised here.
In "history"-tab the player can see their most previous purchases and sales.


  • Always sort the price from "low to high" if you want to find the item you are looking for as cheap as possible.
  • The color in the icon's corner shows item's rarity: gray is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, yellow is legendary and green is event.


  • The Market also includes "tools" to be sold and bought but currently the game has not presented any tool that can be sold. In fact, the only presented tool in the whole game is incubator.