Maana is a form of currency used to move from location to location or to buy various items.

Obtaining Edit

  • Logging in: Upon connection, players automatically receive 50 Maana.
  • Playing the Mini-Games: The amount of Maana received depends on the final score. Each game has a different scoring system.
  • The Market: Players have the option to sell items found through exploration or Bindles obtained from the Purro'Swap mini-game. How much Maana an item sells for and for how long is determined by the player.
  • Contests: In order to receive Maana, a player must win first, second, third, or fourth place. The amount of Maana differs with each contest.
  • The Bank: Players can spend real life money to buy more Maana.

How to Use Edit

Movement Edit

Each location in Eldarya branches off to other locations. To move to another place, click on a blue circle. It takes ten Maana to move from one place to the next. If a player runs out, they will be stuck in the episode they are currently playing until they gain enough to progress further.

Shopping Edit

  1. Select the item intended for purchase.
  2. Click the blue "Buy" button.
  3. Click and drag the slider to the amount desired. The amount of Maana the player has affects the maximum quantity they can pay for. This step does not include equipment items.
  4. Click confirm. The Maana will automatically be deducted.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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