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The Light Guard is the highest guard of the Guard of El.

Description Edit

The Light Guard primary function is to oversee that the Shadow, Absynthe, and Obsidian Guards run smoothly. It is comprised of the elitist members of the other three guards, usually their leaders.

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Forums Edit

Outside of the game, the Light Guard is limited to administrators and moderators of the game and cannot be joined by regular players. The only time regular players can join is when they are chosen as a moderator. Administrators have a golden color to their posts and moderators have a bright sky blue color to theirs. Moderators are responsible for keeping the forums organized, helping players, ending arguments that have gotten out of hand, closing threads, and more.

When playing the game, the guard that the player was originally sorted into is the one that their Guardian says she is in. For example, if they were originally sorted into the Obsidian Guard, Guardian and the other characters will act as though she is a member of that guard.

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