Leiftan icon
Race Lorialet/Daemon(Aengel)
Gender Male Male
Birthday 17th July
Guard Light Gem Light Guard
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Green
Height 180cm = 5,10 feet
Relatives Murdered
First Appearance Episode 2

Leiftan is very calm. He takes care of the Guard of El alongside Miiko. A very good listener, he almost never gets upset and avoids passing judgment on others. Due to his important role in the guard, he isn't seen very often.

Appearance Edit

He has blond and black hair, which goes into two braids at the front of his face. He has green eyes.

Personality Edit

Secretive, he doesn't talk much, but everyone in the El General Headquarters respects him. Miiko's right-hand-man, his advice is always very judicious. Strangely, he seems to already like you...

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Trivia Edit

  • He shows a different reaction than the other boys to when first meeting Guardienne.
  • He prefers caramelized popcorn over salty popcorn.
  • Leiftan is not good at alchemy.
  • Guardienne thinks Leiftan reminds of her mother.
  • According to Miiko and Karuto, Gardienne is Leiftan's weakness and constantly talks about her.
  • His family was murdered, and will not hesitate to kill those responsible for it.
  • Leiftan is a Daemon.
  • In the spin-off it's revelaed that Leiftan felt the presence of Guardienne as soon as she arrived in Eldarya.
  • Doesn't like Huang Hua.
  • His companion is a Panalulu named Amaya.
  • He is in cooperation with Askore (Lance). (Since episode 26, The Sense of Sacrifice)

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