Karuto Icon
Race Unknown
Gender Male Male
Birthday 2nd September
Guard Unknown
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Orange
Height 164 cm = 5,4 feet
First Appearance Episode 8

Head cook of the Guard of El, he is mostly known for his explosive personality and his grits.

About Edit

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Appearance Edit

He is an adult, has horns, ears and legs of goat. For his outfit, he has a small white scarf, a purple jacket connected with a brown strap with a golden buckle. He has white gloves that almost reaches his elbows, a purple fabric covers a part of the gloves, a white apron with spots that starts at the waist and goes down to the knees. And finally, a foot bracelet made of purple fabric, green rope.

Personality Edit

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Triva Edit

  • Most of the time he is in the kitchen.
  • He deeply admires Feng Zifu, and whenever the oppurtunity is there, he radically changes his character in order to give him a good impression.
  • Karuto has a recipe book written in Old French.
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