Karenn icon
Race Vampire
Gender Female Female
Birthday 1st March
Guard Shadow Gem Shadow Guard
Hair Color Black/Pink
Eye Color Light Green
Height 177 cm = 5'9 feet
Relatives Nevra (brother)
First Appearance Episode 10

Very appreciated in the Guard of El, this young vampire with a strong personality has the knack to get caught up in the most impossible situations. Good thing for her, she always finds a way out.

Appearance Edit

Karenn is a young girl with a pale complexion and bright green eyes. Her long hair is divided in  black and the other pink. She has pointed ears, as the characteristics of her race, adorned with earrings. When she smiles, you can see her pointed canines. Karenn wears a black lace jumpsuit, which can be seen on her bare arms and calves, a loose black t-shirt with golden edges on her shoulders, leaving her bare ribs undoubtedly. An orange/green belt, to remind the color of his eyes, surrounds the hips of the young woman and has a piece of lace. The vampire is wearing pink shorts and black boots that also have gold trim.

Personality Edit

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Nevra Edit

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  • Alajea is her best friend.
  • Likes gossip.
  • Doesn't like to get dirty.
  • She is aware of Chrome's feelings towards her.
  • Likes fashion.
  • Is the same age as Chrome, 15 years old.
  • In the spin-off she is attracted to the older version of Chrome.
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