Jeanylotte Adult
Rarity Event/Legendary
Average Luck 332
Food Chocolate Cirses
Bait None
Hatch Time 720 minutes
(12 hours)
Baby Energy 100
Adult Energy 140
Store Price N/A

Jeanylotte is a Companion that was available during the Easter 2017 Event.

Description Edit

Discovered by the twins Lottie and Jeannot, hence its name, the Jeanylotte is an imposing creature with a heart of gold.

Obtaining Edit

  • Could be received by giving Mery thirty chocolate eggs.

Food & Bait Edit

Energy & Hatching Edit

The egg hatches in 720 minutes (12 hours). The baby has 100 energy which increases to 140 as an adult.

Evolution Requirements Edit

  • Have reached level 10
  • Have an Affection Level of at least 85%
  • Must be at least 40 days old

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On My Candy Love, there was an image of Jeanylotte's egg on the page for that site's event. If one hovered their mouse over it, Jeanylotte would pop out of the egg and tell the player that they could adopt them over on Eldarya.

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