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Race Ogre
Gender Male Male
Birthday 15th October
Guard Light Gem Light Guard
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Light Blue
Height 213 cm = 6,11 feet
First Appearance Episode 1

Jamon is Miiko's right-hand man within the Guard of El, who mainly ensures its protection. Despite his grumpy attitude, he is very kind and would never hurt those weaker than him.

Appearance Edit

Jamon has red hair and light blue eyes. He has tusks coming out of his mouth. His ears are pointed at the ends.

Personality Edit

Almost seven feet tall, this ogre doesn't need words to express himself. A look, a gesture, a grunt or a grown is enough for him to be understood. He doesn't like to talk much, which is why he likes to speak very simply. At least with him, you know exactly what he's trying to say.

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Trivia Edit

  • Jamon is a vegetarian.
  • He has many relatives.
  • If guardienne passes her training, he gives her a lot of compliments.
  • He wounded Kero once and still feels guilty.
  • Only sleep on the bed base, doesn't have a mattress.
  • He likes to paint.
  • An edited version of Jamon's sprite is used by the Technical Team account for their avatar.
  • In My candy love episode 18 [[1]], Amber has a Jamon doll in her bedroom.

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