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Contest Holidays in Eldarya

About Edit

On December 19th, 2016, one of the temporary moderators on Eldarya's forums opened a announcing the start of the "Holidays in Eldarya" contest.[1] It explained what the rules were, how a player could submit their entry, and what the prizes were. The contest ran from December 19th, 2016 to January 1st, 2017. A total of 27 entries were submitted.

Q&A Edit

  • You can find the Q&A for "Holidays in Eldarya" here.

Prompt Edit

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Winter approaches! How do you enjoy this time of year? Drinking Peppermint Mochas or Hot Chocolate? Making gingerbread houses? Wrapping gifts? Building snowmen?
With the holidays close by, the team wants to see what you hold dear at this time of year.

►Take a photograph of something that reflects what you think/see/do/feel/experience around this time of the year with your phone, computer, personal camera etc... DO NOT SIMPLY YANK AN IMAGE FROM THE INTERNET

►Either in the photograph, or added in via photo editing, we would like to see the symbol of your Guard. The only editing done to the pic may be to add your Guard's logo. You may edit the logo as you see fit, but the photo must be untouched

To find the logo of your guard, simply Google image search Eldarya X Guard with X being your Guard's name.

Rules Edit

RULE 1: /!\The team understands that this time of year might be religious for some of you. We will allow you to post religious icons (ex: Christmas Tree, Menorah, crèche scene) HOWEVER, no commentary may be given (ex I celebrate Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza etc because X) We only want a picture. Let us draw our own conclusion from it./!\

RULE 2: Please do not feature anyone in the photo. While the team is sure many of you are quite photogenic, we would prefer not to have anyone's face actually IN the shot. If you must be in the shot, please feature yourself from the neck down.

RULE 3: Entry size may not exceed 520 pixels. You can measure you entry by dragging it into a new tab. The dimensions should be at the top. BOTH numbers must be under 520.

Prizes Edit

Place Award Winner Entry
1st 350 Maana Anabell Link
2nd 200 Maana Seerah Link
3rd 150 Maana Keitu Link

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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