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Halloween Land is a location first presented in Halloween 2016 Event. Since then it's always been a part of the Halloween Events, mostly via exploration or occasionally backgrounds.

In Halloween 2019 Event it was first presented as a part of the Event's story.


Halloween 2019[]

During this event Erika with her companions travels to Halloween land to rescue Miiko. They encounter some problems on the way, such as malicious witch and Damneds.


Halloween Event Map Numbered.jpg

1. Laboratory Manor[]

This is a mad scientist's manner. Some have heard screams coming from the basement when there is a full moon.

2. Abandoned Cemetery[]

Cannibals, ghouls, and other flesh eating creatures can be found here.

3. Thorny Forest[]

A specialty of a grand high witch, supposedly the thorns only obey her commands... She hasn't been seen for centuries.

4. Pumpkin Alley[]

Admire the parade of "Jack's" children. They will watch each step you take, but don't listen to their advice if you want to live...

5. Village of the Damned[]

Half-dead, the men and women of this village are only empty shells without souls.

6. Odessa Opera[]

Formerly known and quite grand, it's now just a remnant of an earthly opera that was destroyed by flames.

7. Doll Island[]

An isolated island in the southern region, it's inhabited by possessed dolls.

8. Haunted Forest[]

A strange forest where the trees are alive. Not all are evil, but take care not to get caught in their branches.

9. Witches Cauldron[]

Hate filters, resurrection and transformation potions, this cauldron of a thousand horrors has held many mixtures.

10. Demonic Altar[]

This is the altar that leads to the gates of Hell and the more ferocious of demons.

11. Phoenix Castle[]

Come put your life at risk and affront the King Phoenix. The strength of your courage will determine the valor of your prize.

12. Ghost Ship[]

Galleon pirate ship who terrorized the seas on earth for centuries, it has inspired many legends such as the Flying Dutchman.

13. Hangman's Tree[]

Rumor has it that a man lost the love of his life. With no more reason to live, he hung himself to be reunited with his one true love.

14. Well of Souls[]

A well where the deceased companion souls rest...

15. Lava Cracks[]

Watch out! It's hot!

16. Lost Souls Labyrinth[]

The legendary work of Daedalus, this labyrinth is connected to the one that once locked away the Minotaur. It collects the souls of those who have perished there.

17. Pyramid of Doom[]

The evil tomb of a pharaoh that has been forgotten for a long time. It contains many unknown treasures for those who can come out... Alive.

Known inhabitants[]