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Halloween has returned on Eldarya!
From 10/23 at 11am until 11/03 at 11:59pm, cross the Disenchanted Forest, enter the Village of the Damned and free Miiko from the claws of a witch drunk on power... Will you have the courage to adventure through these horrifying lands?


This years Halloween event differs from past Halloween events because it's based on story instead of just map exploration. The story takes place in Halloween map locations and backgrounds. The Event contains few missions with outfit and illustration pieces as a gift and also exploration with companion. The Event goes by name "The Demonic Mission".


Miiko has been kidnapped and in order to save her Guardian and boys have to go through the Halloween land and its horrors.


The event has one daily mission.

(list of missions)


The event introduces couple of new outfits and some of the old ones can be found from the Halloween land map and the shop.


Image Name Food How to get
100px Greifmar Candy Corn Complete the event
100px Pterocorvus Terrifying Sweet By using the right bait (Centipede's Soul)



  • Furie mentions a mirror that resembles the award to the Absynthe guard in the monthly ranking.
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