The Guard of El is comprised of four guards: Light, Shadow, Obsidian, and Absynthe.

Guard of El 

The Guard of El consists of a total of 4 guards. The Light Guard, the Absynthe Guard, the Obsidian Guard and the Shadow Guard.

The guards help the inhabitants of Eldarya and they protect the crystal, which is very important for Eldarya. They also take care of all kinds of conflicts and problems in Eldarya. Other tasks of the Garden of El are to ensure order and to pay attention to the balance of magic in the world of Eldarya.

The guard of El has its seat in the so-called HQ

The Light Guard Edit

The Light Guard is El's elite guard. The most important and strongest persons in the headquarters of El are members in this guard. They take care of the leadership of the other three guards. The other three guards are at the same level of hierarchy. The leadership of the guard is Miiko.



miiko [3] Leiftan [4] Jamon [5] Ykhar [6] Keroshane [7] Ewelein

Absynthe Guard  Edit

The Absynthe Guard is the guard of the alchemists. They are mainly responsible for the production of potions (eg for healing) and protective magic. The members are characterized by their intelligence. The head of the guard is Ezarel.



Ezarel [10] Alajea

Obsidian Guard Edit

The Obsidian Guard is the guard of the fighters. They have a good knowledge of combat and weapons. Members of this guard are especially strong and courageous. They are almost invincible in combat. Valkyon is the leader of this guard.



Valkyon [13] cameria

Shadow Guard Edit

The Shadow Guard specializes in reconnaissance and everything related to secrecy and information gathering. She is the so-called espionage guard. Nevra is the leader of this guard.



Nevra [16] Karenn [17] Chrome

Our guardian in the Guards Edit

Our Guardian has the opportunity to join one of the guards in episode 03 through a test. The assignment is binding and can not be changed. Matching with the assigned guard, Gardienne is allowed to wear the guard's garden outfit.

At the same time, the player also gets access to the Garden Ranking to support his respective guard.

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