Item Gold

Gold Coins (GC) are an alternative form of currency. They can be used to buy items from the Clothes Shop, the Companion Shop, or the Alchemy Shop. There are some items that can only be obtained through purchase of GC.

Obtaining Edit

  • The Bank: Players can use real money to buy GC. How many GC they want determines the cost.
  • Bindles: Excluding the event bindles, each type of bindle has a set number of GC in them. Getting them depends on chance and there is no guarantee that opening one will give any.
  • Contests: Players need to win either first, second, third, or fourth place in order to receive any GC. Please note that not all contests offer GC as a prize.
  • Compensation: If an event had a universal bug, GC may be given in order to make up for the bug. Please note that not all bugs will be compensated for and that the amount of GC given will vary.

How to Use Edit

  1. Select the item intended for purchase.
  2. Click the yellow buy button.
  3. Click and drag the slider to the amount desired. The amount of GC the player has affects the maximum quantity they can pay for. This step does not include equipment items.
  4. Click confirm. The GC will be automatically deducted.
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