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Food is an important item for Companion care. Each species of Companion has a certain type of food that it eats. Companions can hold a maximum of 15 food items in their stock. A player's inventory can hold a maximum of 30.

Where to find[]

Food can be bought at the Companion Shop, found through exploration or purchased from the Market. There are some foods that are exclusive to exploration or to shop.


This is a list of various food that players can buy or find. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list: it is possible that a food exists and has not been added to this page.

How to Feed[]

  1. Go to the Companion page.
  2. Underneath the energy bar will be a grayish-blue rectangle with an image of that Companion's favorite food. Next to that image will be a number representing how much of that food the Companion has in their own inventory.
  3. Click the blue "Feed" button underneath the name and number.
  4. A pop up will appear with a number of how much food is in that Companions stock, how long it will last, and a pair of buttons that have a minus or plus sign on them.
  5. Click either button to determine how much food you want give or take from your Companion's inventory.
    1. Underneath the buttons, there is some text that says "Available in your inventory". The number next to that says how much of that food item is left in your inventory.
  6. Click the "Confirm" button on the pop up to confirm your choice. Click the "Cancel" button or the blue "X" in the top left corner of the pop up to return to the companion page.[1]


A well fed Companion will gain affection each day and its energy points will replenish. A malnourished Companion will lose 20 energy points every day. Once their energy points have completely run out, their affection level will go down by 10% each day until it reaches zero. At that point, the Companion will return to its egg.[2]


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