Feng Zifu
Feng Zifu Icon
Race Fenghuang
Gender Male Male
Guard None
Hair Color Gray-white
Eye Color Gray
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Episode 11

Feng Zifu is a Fenghuang and Huang Hua's attendant.

About Edit

Huang Hua's attendant, this Fenghuang of "low rank" is proud of his origins. Very cultured and a bit haughty, he is very demanding and tough with others. This does not prevent him from being a renown adviser much appreciated by his peers. He has known Huang Hua since her birth and considers her like a daughter.

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Triva Edit

  • Huang Hua used to call him "Zif".
  • He is deeply admired by Karuto.
  • According to Huang Hua, he has a healing and regeneration power superior to that of her because he is older. 
  • He is easily ashamed to see a woman show a little skin.
  • After the battle fought in the temple of the Fenghuangs and the irreparable damage caused by it, Guardienne was overwhelmed, so Feng Zifu hugs her and kisses her forehead to try to comfort her, as if she were his daughter.
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