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Ezarel icon.png
Race Elf
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday 2nd September
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Green
Height 182 cm = 5,11.6 feet
Guard Absynthe Gem.png Absynthe Guard (leader)
First Appearance Episode 2

Ezarel is, at first impression, a polite and calm elf. He leads the Absynthe Guard and is very skilled in Alchemy, and he uses his knowledge often on the others. Quite the sweet tooth, you can try to win him over with honey or other sweets, even if it doesn't always work.


Ezarel has long, blue hair, tied in a low ponytail. He has green eyes and pointy ears. His outfit consists of a navy blue top with a Chinese collar under a waistcoat. He has white trousers, he also wears a large leather belt with two golden buckles.


Ezarel doesn't listen to anything besides the sweet sound of a well placed joke. Proud of what he is and what he does, he can sometimes come off as condescending to people he doesn't know. Get in his good graces and he will be a trustworthy friend.

In the first episodes, Ezarel seems to have a rather tough character. He can be arrogant, mischievous and capricious, and rarely offers help, unless he sees it as an advantage, which Keroshane feels particularly strongly. Often he says what she thinks bluntly, without worrying about how it might hurt someone. Despite his high position, he likes to make fun of others, not always of high caliber. Dexterous with words when he wants to, he can be charming and gallant, but this is very rare. He shows a different face by taking a seat at the alchemical table - then he is a careful and gentle professional focused on the task and willing to talk about his activity. During the mission, he shows responsibility and caution, especially when it comes to the health of his subordinates. His friends and superiors trust and rely on him. He hates ignorance.

The farther into the plot, the more the elf becomes known from a different side and it turns out that under the mask of a joker, he hides a romantic and sensitive soul. He is extremely affectionate, caring and very devoted. He turns out to be a great friend who does not hesitate to sacrifice his life to protect loved ones.

He values ​​his personal space and does not like any unwanted touch.

He hates stereotypes about elves that Gardienne may have taken from Earth. He believes that people have a distorted view of reality.



Erika and Ezarel are close friends or friends but depending on player choices they can be lovers too. Ezarel didn't like Erika at first and was the last one of the boys to actually accept their love towards her. This is due to his former confrontation with a human who ended up changing personality wise due to Eldarya's atmosphere.

Nevra and Valkyon[]

Nevra and Valkyon are his closest friends.

All three value each other very much and worry about each other. In case of problems, they are ready to go to the ends of the earth for one another and do not hesitate to help each other.

After work, they are very happy to spend time in each other's company, they often go for a drink together.

Valkyon mentions that Ezarel learned the art of sarcasm and sharp tongue from him.

When in Episode 12 Gardienne goes on a mission with Nevra, Ezarel is jealous of the vampire when they return. If Nevra is WS in Episode 23, when Gardienne asks Ezarel for advice, he offers to listen to her heart, and when she asks if she's not afraid of her boyfriend's anger, she jokes that he has proven himself better than him long ago.

In episode 21, Nevra and Valkyon go in search of Ezarel without hesitation, when the elf decides to settle accounts with Maria Anna himself. When they find Ezarel, Nevra gets mad at his friend and says a few words to him by ear, but doesn't leave him. Together with Valkyon, they help him capture the girl.

In episode 30, Ezarel shields Valkyon from Lance's attack and is badly injured himself.


Ewelein and Ezarel had an affair which Ewelein wanted to be serious since she loved him. Ezarel, however, didn't want anything serious and this affair ended when MC arrived in the scene.


Mary-Anne was a human girl from the Earth and the two became friends, but nothing more because she was a child back then (she was 10 years old). Ezarel protected her from his countrymen for months. However Eldarya's atmosphere wasn't good for a human and her personality started to change drastically. Because it wasn't even safe for a human to be in Eldarya, he decided to steal ingredients needed to open a portal back to Earth for her. The portal was opened but unknown for Ezarel, Mary-Anne never stepped into it and remained in Eldarya.

The two met again in Episode 21 and Ezarel was shocked to recognize her. He felt very guilty about what she had done.


  • He loves to eat.
  • Can be bribed with honey, food that he adores.
  • He likes to isolate himself and immerse himself in his work when he doesn't feel well.
  • Is extremely criticial to both himself and others.
  • Ezarel was the first of the 3 main guys to become Chief of Guard.
  • According to Alajea, Ezarel likes birds.
  • Likes the voice of Ewelein, a voice he defines as soft and feminine, unlike Erika's which he considers nasal.
  • Has had a physical relationsship with Ewelein, however he decided to end it because they did not share the same feelings for each other.
  • Comes from a very wealthy family.
  • His companion is a Alfeli named Taenmil.