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Eweleïn icon.png
Race Elf
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday 7th May
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue-gray
Height 180 cm = 5,10 feet
Guard Absynthe Gem.png Absynthe Guard (former)

Light Gem.png Light Guard

First Appearance Episode 6

Eweleïn is the head nurse in the Guard of El and a member of the Absynthe Guard. Her knowledge in the domains of medicine and alchemy are a great asset to her colleagues.


Eweleïn has long white hair and blue-gray eyes. Her skin is gray and she also has pointed ears with gold earrings on their tips.


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  • Loves to swim, and dreams about being a mermaid for a few hours.
  • Has had a physical relationship with Ezarel. She still has feelings for him.
  • According to Ezarel her voice is soft and feminine.
  • Has a good relationship with Leiftan.
  • Doesn't like Nevra at all.
  • She was offered a possibility to transfer to the Light Guard in episode 16 and after hesitating first, she decided to take the chance.
  • She would like to be a mermaid because she likes to swim.
  • She doesn't draw very well.
  • She collects medical instruments from the Earth.