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Episode N°9Troubled Appearances

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After the revelation about the portals of Eldarya, you will be confronted with a new truth that will turn all your opinions upside down.
Will you be able to handle it?

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Equipment Edit

Image How to get
Clothing Reconnaissance Armband
Clothing Novice Sword
Do the best during the sword quick time event
Clothing Novice Hammer
Do the best during the hammer quick time event
Clothing Novice Bow
Do the best during the bow quick time event

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This episode does not have any new outfits.

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This episode does not have any quest items.

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This episode does not have any hidden items.

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CHAPTER I - Weapons Passing
CHAPTER II - The Forest and its smallest bushes
CHAPTER III - A Maleficent Creature


During this episode, you can unlock one illustration. It isn’t mandatory.

Previous journal entry:
After your rather eventful return from the Jade Region, you spend a more calm time in H.Q.
Between the bottle in the sea, walking around and cooking, you finally discover that the Guard lied to you.
It’s possible for you to use the portals to go back to your world.
You confront Miiko but an unexpected event cuts your conversation short. Little Mery has disappeared...

Episode Decoration 1
Weapons Passing
Episode Decoration 2

Find Ykhar and Jamon in front of H.Q. doors.
Explore the forest to find Mery.

Ykhar tells you that little Mery has disappeared.
His mother lost him in the forest.
Miiko tells you to go look for him.
You then have to meet up with Ykhar and Jamon at the Grand Gate.
It is locked, and H.Q. security has been reinforced.
You follow your two associates and you head into the forest that is initially bigger than you thought.
You survey all the areas, with no news of the little one until Jamon finds broken branches.
But this does not seem to be related to Mery, who then comes out of a bush when he notices you.
He had gone to pick flowers for Ykhar.
He's fine, but he saw a man that growled at him and got scared.

Go back to see Miiko.

→ Go back inside H.Q.
→ Bring the little one back to his mother.
→ Bring the little one to Miiko.

You go back inside H.Q.
After passing the identity check at the front door.
Now you have to bring the little one back.
Ykhar proposes to bring him back to his mother but Jamon wants to comply with Miiko's orders.
It is up to you to choose which route you will follow: the young and frail Ykhar or Jamon the hefty ogre that’s capable of flatten you?

Spend some time in H.Q. After all, you don't have anything else to do!

Walk through the H.Q.
You come across Ykhar who tells you that she does not know her father and that her mother lives far away...
You will also see Kero being harassed by a delirious crowd!!
He tries hard to explain to all these angry people the situation, the closing of H.Q., the identity checks, the establishing of a curfew.
Fortunately, Valkyon lends him a helping hand...

Go back to your room.

This day has wore you out, so you go to your room.

Find the meeting location, then go.

You fall asleep without much difficulty and wake up the next day to go to the big meeting.
Only problem, you do not know where it takes place.
You decide to leave your room and go looking for the meeting area.
Fortunately, Kero walks by and tells you where it is, but not without some mockery.
You must go to the Dining Hall.
The meeting is about the wave of disappearances in Eldarya.
It is also a question of organizing a hunt in the forest, where people have disappeared.
You end up being with Valkyon for your first exploration.
But before leaving, Jamon takes you into the gardens to show you some weapon use, in case you have to defend yourself during the mission...

Go to the gardens to train with Jamon.

In this sequence, you discover the QTE system.
The result of these actions can affect your story.
So you go to the gardens to find Jamon so he can give you a lesson in arm to arm combat.
Perform the QTE to practice.
Then Jamon invites you to follow him to the forge.
He wants to show you how to handle weapons.
Here a QTE is triggered at the end of when you get your first weapon.
It can be either a bow, a sword or a hammer.
This choice is made according to your QTE result.
Finally, you go back to the gardens accompanied by Jamon for the rest of the training.
He shows you some moves and, for example, strikes you on the leg, which leaves you in excruciating pain.
You need care!

Go to the infirmary to have your leg examined.

Jamon, remorseful, takes you to the infirmary to treat your leg.
Once there, Ewelein applies a balm supposed to cure your leg quickly.
You also learn that this is not the first time such an event has occurred and that Kero has paid for it ...

Episode Decoration 1
The Forest and its smallest bushes
Episode Decoration 2

Go on exploration in the forest.

Thanks to Ewelein's miraculous balm, your leg is completely healed and you no longer feel any pain.
Valkyon comes to wake you up at the infirmary, it's time to leave for the mission.
In the forest, you discover new areas but you don’t see anything of interest.
You come across Kero who’s looking for a fruit, as well as, Nevra and Chrome in the wrong area.
They tell you that they saw a creature but that it did not look aggressive.

Go back inside H.Q.

Exploration is over, it's time to go back to H.Q.
You also decide to spend time training yourself to handle your gun near the Hundred Years Cherry Tree.

Go on exploration in the forest with Ezarel.

→ Look for your partner for the mission today.

Your partner of the day cannot be found.
You will have to go around H.Q. to find him.
It’s Ezarel, who seems to be waiting for you at the refuge.
He wants to explore an area where he had seen something.
You go there and cross paths with a hairy creature, not mean but a bit gruffy all the same.
Ezarel doesn’t seem to care, you are a little more cautious.
Finally, you don’t cross paths with anything or anyone else, apart from Chrome trying to flee Alajea...

Go back to your room.

→ Go back to H.Q.

The exploration is over, it's time to go back to H.Q.
You also decide to go directly back to your room.
Upon arrival, you notice a strange animal on your bed.
It’s a rather aggressive companion.
You try to catch it, to bring it back to its owner but the beast does not let itself get caught.
She bites you, she claws at you. You must get rid of it!

Look for Leiftan.

→ Find the owner of this companion.
→ Find the owner of this companion, if it has one...

You walk through the hallways, the rooms and gardens of H.Q. in search of the companion’s owner.
You can meet several members of the guard, including Nevra or Ezarel who, although familiar with the owner of the companion, leave you wondering who it is.
You can also spot Karuto and Miiko discussing your baked potato.
Finally, Karuto ended up loving it and will even put it on the menu...

Meet up with Nevra.
Go back to the forest for a new exploration of the area.

You meet up with Nevra at the grand gate but he’s not there yet.
You decide to wait, or not, on the little vampy.
Once in the forest, and faced with the disappointment of not finding anything, Nevra explains to you the stakes of the mission.
The disappearances seem to go back a certain time.
But those of the children, on the other hand, are quite recent.

Explore the forest a little more. Maybe you will find something interesting?

You have finished exploring your area and Nevra therefore suggests returning to H.Q.
But you see a sort of strange tree in the distance, an unexplored area.
You go to the indicated area but there is nothing but a tree.
You are about to leave the area when you hear a voice that seems to be calling you.
Nevra doesn’t hear anything but the voice keeps calling you.
You get closer to the tree and a hand suddenly tries to grab you.
Nevra intervenes and a young woman appears, a hamadryad.
You decide to return to H.Q. And give your report to Miiko.

Go back to your room and end the day.

→ Go back to H.Q.

Once in H.Q., you explain to Miiko what you saw.
She asks you to go and see Ykhar to explain the situation.
But Nevra tells you that he will do it alone and that he would like to discover who this mysterious man in the forest is.
So you go back to your room.

Episode Decoration 1
A Maleficent Creature
Episode Decoration 2

Find a way to leave H.Q. without getting noticed.

In the middle of the night, you have a funny dream.
The hamadryad asks you for help and seems frightened by the man in the forest.
You then decide to get out of H.Q. and go to the forest.
The H.Q. gates are closed, you must find a way to get through.
By searching, you can cross paths with Ykhar and Miiko.
Finally, you manage to go through the grand gate, taking advantage of the guards’ distraction.

Meet up with the Hamadryad.

Once in front of the hamadryad tree, she appears.
You find out that her name is Yvoni and that the man of the forest is apparently bad, that he has branded a mark on her tree.
You tell her that you can remove the mark on the bark.
But as you begin to erase it, your breathing becomes more difficult.
Your hands are covered in blood.
You then discover the creature’s true face, that of a murderess and a faeriophage.
She tries to get at you.
Fortunately, one of the three boys, sent by Miiko, comes to your rescue.

Go to the infirmary.

→ Leave the forest.

Once saved from the hamadryad’s hold, the boy takes you directly to the infirmary to have you examined.
Ewelein can make you drink a potion that will give you back some of the memories of the attack.
You realize that the creature manipulated you.

Go see Miiko to explain everything that happened in the forest.

Once you’re better, you go to the Crystal Room.
You meet the man you saw in the forest.
You learn that his name is Cryllis, he’s a bugbear, and that it was he who had branded the mark on the trunk of the hamadryad tree.
The symbol was a mark of recognition for when the necessary moment came to burn the hamadryad.

Find something to do...

You wander around H.Q.
Looking for something to do.
You can meet Nevra, Ezarel, Valkyon, Kero or Ykhar.

Miiko is asking for you. Go see her.

You find out that the hamadryad has been nourished by many faeliens and faeries, Miiko shows you bones found in the forest.
Given this evidence, the Guard makes the decision to kill the creature, by burning it.
But the worst part is that you will serve as bait.

Accomplish your mission with the Hamadryad.

→ Grab your weapon.

After retrieving your weapon, you go into the forest and you realize that it has totally changed.
The ambient air is strange and nauseous.
The hamadryad tree has poisoned the forest around it, the earth is dark and seems to be full of blood.
The battle begins and Valkyon attacks the creature.
He protects you from the hamadryad and finally sets fire to its tree.
She’s burned alive, leaving the forest in horrible cries of pain.
You also find in the ashes a piece of crystal.
She had ingested it and that's probably what caused her evil metamorphosis.

Go to the Crystal Room.

→ Now that the Hamadrayd has been vanquished, go back to H.Q.

The forest goes back to its initial appearance and you go back to H.Q. to report to Miiko and show her the piece of the crystal.
You arrive at the H.Q. with the applause of the members of the Guard and the inhabitants.
Miiko tells you that ingesting a piece of crystal is becoming more and more common.
The boys finally offer you a drink to unwind.

Go back to your room to change and then meet up with the boys in the kitchen.

You go to your room before you go to the kitchen to meet up with the boys.
But as you prepare to go out, someone knocks on your door...

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends. See you next time in Episode 10!

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.


  • A. (Take him to his mother) =
  • B. (Go see Miiko) (saves you 20 Maana) =

  • A. Hey, let me go! =
  • B. (Lash out) -
  • C. [highest L'o'M], is that you? +

  • A. Will we be wearing a particular sign, so that the participants can recognize each other? =
  • B. What is the real purpose of this mission? =
  • C. What should we do when we meet this creature? =

  • A. (I should be looking for it's owner...) =
  • B. (I should throw out this horror out.) =

  • A. (Catch it by the tail) =
  • B. (Try to bait it with a piece of string) =

  • A. (I'm sure it's Miiko!) (Uses the least Maana) =
  • B. (I'm sure it's Karuto!) =
  • C. (Maybe it doesn't have a master?) (Uses the most Maana) =

  • A. (Set out on the mission without Nevra) =
  • B. (Wait a little longer) (More dialogue if high L'o'M) +

  • A. (Wait a little longer) =
  • B. (Come back later) =
  • C. (Give up) =

  • A. (Ask Nevra to watch over Guardian) =
  • B. (Ask Ezarel to watch over Guardian) =
  • C. (Ask Valkyon to watch over Guardian) =

  • A. (Get settled next to Nevra) =
  • A. (Get settled next to Ezarel) =
  • C. (Get settled next to Valkyon) =


If you say so... Do you want me to kiss you to show how sorry I am?

  • A. Okay... +
  • B. No way. -
  • C. (Say nothing.) =

You seem annoyed.

  • A. Yeah, a little... I've been exploring this forest in vain for three days. -
  • B. Disappointed, more like... I expected to see more action. =
  • C. Oh, not at all... I'm just sick of finding no viable clues. +

Name one.

  • A. Yhkar, Alajéa... -
  • B. Chrome! +
  • C. ... =

No, I have very good hearing though.

  • A. (I'd always heard that vampires had super senses, I should ask him about that.) So that's true? -
  • B. Yes, I think I remember you saying that. -
  • C. Isn't that annoying? (More dialogue) =

What is?

  • A. Hearing so well... I can't stand hearing the tiniest noise when I sleep, for example... =
  • B. Hearing so well... I don't know if I could stand hearing everything more loudly than usual. =
  • C. Hearing so well... I don't hear very well myself. (Although that might be because I have my head in the clouds.) =


  • A. You had promised to stop these reflections. -
  • B. no, not at all. =
  • C. It's not good to lie, that's all. +


  • A. But I'm sure we could have reasoned with her!!! =
  • B. We killed someone, I have reason to take my head. -
  • C. You're right... +

Edward Aloysius Murphy

  • A. Junior? =
  • B. And that would be? (More dialogue) =
  • C. Oh, I only know about Murphy's law... +


  • Sure I do. -
  • B. No. =


Poor Chrome. Alajéa... They've really got a grudge against him.

  • A. What do you mean? Did you have no part in assigning partners? +
  • B. Me, I like him... I don't understand why you don't appreciate him. -
  • C. I've never managed to do a mission with her. =

I already know she's not the kind of person I get along with.

  • A. You judge her, but you don't actually know anything about her... -
  • B. And what type of person would you get along with? =
  • C. It's a shame, I'm sure she's kind deep down. +

  • A. (Well, I like Alajéa. =
  • B. I'll admit I don't like her that much. (More dialogue) =
  • C. (I don't have much of an opinion on her, so never mind.) =

Oh really? Why?

  • A. I get the feeling she's not very honest. +
  • B. I don't know how to explain. =
  • C. She annoys me. -

  • A. (Talk about this bad feeling with Ezarel) =
  • B. (Say nothing to Ezarel) =

He has an excellent memory.

  • A. An you don't? =
  • B. Unlike me. +
  • C. Do it fast then. -

  • A. Wait Ezarel! (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Continue) =


  • A. No, but I would have liked to spend a little more time with you. (possible raise if high LOM) =
  • B. No, nothing. =

What are you up to now?

  • A. Hey! I'm not up to anything. =
  • B. Nothing at all, mind your own business... -
  • C. I'm secretly trying to get out of H.Q. +

That's what being possessed like you were will do to a person.

  • A. Possessed? Like in the Exorcist? +
  • B. Possessed? Isn't that a little too strong a name? -
  • C. Possessed? I didn't get that impression. =

Why'd'you come settle next to me?

  • A. Because I feel like it. (more dialogue) =
  • B. Because I know you like me to! =
  • C. To annoy you, as always. -

And what if I didn't feel like it?

  • A. Are you ever going to be nice to me when I'm showing you attention? =
  • B. Ezarel, you promised you'd make an effort, remember... -
  • C. You should know by now that I love being out of sync with what you feel like! +

We put an end to series of slaughterings.

  • A. But I'm sure we could have reasoned with her!!! =
  • B. At what cost? -
  • C. That's the main thing. +

Shall we go have a drink to decompress?

  • A. (Decline) =
  • B. (Accept) =


Would you have the physical and mental strength to kill your enemy?

  • A. Well, if it's a really dangerous creature, yes, I think so. -
  • B. I don't know, I've never killed anything before! (More dialogue) =
  • C. I don't think so... =

I hope for your sake that you have to kill as late as possible.

  • A. I just hope I'll never have to kill anything. -
  • B. I guess I'll find out when the time comes... +
  • C. (End the dialogue) =


  • A. (Go see where the noise is coming from) -
  • B. (Insist with Valkyon) +
  • C. (Continue on our way) =

Exactly. I've noticed that you always consider your actions carefully.

  • A. Yes, I try to. =
  • B. Thank you. +
  • C. Why, did you doubt that?! -


  • A. Ah good? what is happening to you? +
  • B. You should go and rest. =
  • C. Sorry, I'm in a hurry! -

Well, it sounds like you were manipulated very easily.

  • A. Uh thank you, that sure is nice. -
  • B. Maybe that's because I'm almost human. =
  • C. I'm sorry... +

  • A. What's wrong? -
  • B. Am I bothering you? =
  • C. (Say nothing) +

We followed orders.

  • A. But I'm sure I could have reasoned with her!!! -
  • B. Following orders... was that the right choice? +
  • C. That's for sure. =



  • A. It is there is nothing, and it is just lost in the forest. -
  • B. I am of the same opinion... +
  • C. I do not know what to say. =


  • A. So cute. +
  • B. ... =
  • C. To each their own. -

Yes. I hope she hasn't caused you any problems.

  • A. She's not that easy to handle. -
  • B. She didn't have that much time for ravaging. +
  • C. She destroyed my sheets. =

The surveillance mission, what were you thinking?

  • A. Nothing special, haha. =
  • B. Not much to be honest. -
  • C. I wasn't sure I heard you right. +


I... He was not taken. He is fine. No injury...and...

  • A. (Come to Kero's defense) + (+ guy with highest L'o'M)
  • B. (Do nothing) =
  • C. (Make a supportive gesture towards Kero) +


  • A. Don't make fun of me... I was so happy to be involved, I forgot to ask for details. +
  • B. It's not funny. This mission is really stressing me out. -
  • C. One day, I promise, I'll have learned how not to be such a bird-brain. =

She's a good friend.

  • A. Oh really? I thought she was your girlfriend. +
  • B. And nothing more? -
  • C. Okay. =


I think so, too. But because of her stubbornness her son is lost in the forest.

  • A. We're going to find him, don't worry. =
  • B. You seem quite rigid all of a sudden. -
  • C. I hope he's okay... =

I've been in the guard longer than you have and... In that time we've lost several members. Each time we say "they're going to come back. They're going to come home" and they never did...

  • A. Come on Ykhar, don't lost hope...we're going to find him. =
  • B. (That's true, I haven't been here for long... Maybe she's right. =
  • C. (Hmm...I'm not too sure what to think.) =

Why did you stray away from your mother!?

  • A. Hey! Leave him alone, he's just a kid! -
  • B. You could be a little less harsh... +
  • C. (I'd better not interfere here.) =


  • A. Don't you have a father? +
  • B. Don't you have any brothers or sisters? -
  • C. You don't have any family at all? =

You should relax.

  • A. I can't... =
  • B. This, coming from you? =
  • C. I'm trying, I'm trying... +


  • A. Oh Ykhar, let me guess: you were looking for me? +
  • B. Oh Ykhar, what are you doing there? =
  • C. Oh Ykhar, it's just you. -


I trusted you with a important one. Don't you remember?

  • A. =
  • B. Uh...yes. =

Drink this, you will understand soon.

  • A. (Trust Eweleïn and drink it) +
  • B. (Refuse to drink it)) -
  • C. (Ask for explanations) =


  • A. I know Mery. +
  • B. I feel so useless. -
  • C. You are the Leader of this guard, you have other responsibilities. =


  • A. You seem exhausted. +
  • B. Are you going to be okay? =
  • C. (Say nothing) -

{$Pseudo}, where are you wandering to?

  • A. (Stay sure of myself) =
  • B. (Repress my stress) -
  • C. (Admit everything) +

I'm still wondering how someone could be crazy enough to voluntarily consume a piece of crystal... However, I should be used to this by now.

  • A. Has that happened often? =
  • B. I'm drawn to the crystal, maybe a little too much? =
  • C. Was she maybe already crazy? +


  • A. Why don’t you keep the halberd? +
  • B. Why don’t you keep the lance? =
  • C. Why don’t you keep your axe? -

Jamon strong. You hit me.

  • A. Alright... (Well, I mean, if he's asking...) -
  • B. Are you sure? =
  • C. I refuse to. I don't want to hurt you. +


  • A. I'm okay, I'm okay... +
  • B. Couldn't you have hit a little less hard? -
  • C. That really hurt, Jamon. =
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