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Episode N°5First Mission

Episode5 Banner
The Guard of El has given you your first mission.
They are counting on you to succeed...
To the end!

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Outfit Edit

Image Name How to get Cost
Guardian Sprite 2
Eldarya Automatic Free

Equipment Edit

Image How to get Cost
Clothing Room by Valkyon
Have Valkyon decorate your room Free
Clothing Room by Nevra
Have Nevra decorate your room Free
Clothing Room by Ezarel
Have Ezarel decorate your room Free

Quest Items Edit

Image Purpose Where to find
(Image) (Purpose) (Where)

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Episode Decoration 1

Episode Guide

Episode Decoration 2


CHAPTER I - The empty room and mattress scandal
CHAPTER II - The stinky Kappa
CHAPTER III - Where is that kit?


During this episode, you can unlock three illustrations but in three different pieces. They are not mandatory.
Previous journal entry:
Thanks to Ezarel’s practical test, you find out that you’re not completely human and that you have Faery blood.
Miiko has thus decided to keep you in Eldarya and gives you a room...

Episode Decoration 1
The controversy of the empty room and missing mattress.
Episode Decoration 2

You’re in your new room but it doesn’t suite you, of course...
Jamon doesn’t want to hear any of it, so you decided to address Miiko directly.

Ask Miiko for a decent room.

Miiko isn’t in the Crystal Room.
You then run into Ykhar who finds out about your awful room, but can’t help you.
You stroll about the H.Q. until you can find the Leader of the Guard. She isn’t alone, Leiftan is talking with her.
You explain the problem to her, but she doesn’t want to hear it, so she sends you away.

Convince several members of the Guard to support you in front of Miiko.

Miiko won’t be convinced unless you have the support of the other Guard members.
Search the H.Q. to find possible a few comrades who share the same opinion.
Alajea and Nevra decide to help you without needing to be convinced. You’re also able to convince Kero and Valkyon.
Ykhar asks to help. Ezarel consents to helping you.

Go back to the Crystal Room to see Miiko.

Once you arrive in the Crystal Room, Miiko criticizes Valkyon, Nevra, and Ezarel for their engagement in helping you.
Faced with their justifications, she asks you to choose one of the three boys to redecorate your room.
None of them seem very thrilled by the idea...

Walk around H.Q. or outside to pass the time.

While walking around H.Q. you can talk to several members of the guard, to learn more about them.
Ykhar, out of breath, finds you to give you your first mission.

Episode Decoration 1
The stinky Kappa.
Episode Decoration 2

Finish the mission Ykhar gave you and find the Kappa.

Ask someone to accompany you on your mission.

You must bring the Kappa, a water genius like turtle who smells and walks on two legs, back home.
It’s your first mission and Ykhar advises you to ask one of the three boys to go with you.
You must then find the chosen boy and convince him to help.

→ Find Nevra and convince him to help you with your mission.
→ Find Ezarel and convince him to help you with your mission.
→ Find Valkyon and convince him to help you with your mission.

On the way, Ykhar brings you to the Crystal Room where Miiko gifts you with a superrrrr Guard of El outfit.
You notice Kero is sad to not be able to help you.
The guy you choose, leaves you to wait before making his decision after you have scoured the H.Q.

Go to the forest to find the Kappa.

Once your comrade is by your side, you must go to the forest to accomplish your mission.
You must search every corner, lift each rock, look through all the bushes, in order to find that hidden creature.
However, a Blackdog is circling him and your comrade organizes a plan to save the Kappa.

Now that you have the Kappa, go back to H.Q.

Once the Kappa is saved from the Blackdog’s claws, you must return to H.Q. with your comrade.
You run into Mery and Ykhar who are repulsed by the turtle’s odor.
Once you’re in the Crystal Room, Miiko tells you that you’ve completed yo
ur mission and to go to the infirmary so that the little creature can be examined.
She must talk with your comrade about the Blackdog’s presence in the forest.

Find the infirmary to leave the Kappa.

Go to the infirmary, which can be found through a small entry facing the Hall of the Doors.
You leave the Kappa with the nurse and decide to head back to see Miiko.

Episode Decoration 1
Where is that kit?
Episode Decoration 2

Go back to see Miiko!

Once you’re in the Crystal Room, Miiko announces that the Kappa must return to his people.
You can also learn more about Blackdogs.
You leave the room with new tasks to undertake.
You must find several objects, especially in preparation for the journey to the lands of the Kappa people.

Go find all the objects on the list.

Bring Miiko's letter to the Pantry.

To complete these tasks, you must go to several places in the H.Q., like the Pantry, and thanks to Miiko’s letter, the chef of the kitchen prepares all the necessary rations for the journey.

Search for Purreru for the Kappa's food!

You must also go find the Kappa some food.
Yes, he’s a child and needs his strength!
You can find some at Purreru’s in the market.
Ykhar will also inform you that he is off for the day and you must try to find him, as he could be anywhere.

Find a way to get a Navigation Kit.

Go to the market to buy a Navigation Kit.

Ask one of the guys to help you find a Navigation Kit.

Finally, the Kappa people live on the other side of the ocean. The journey will be made by sea, but you need a Navigation Kit.
You can find some at the market.
Once you’re there, you find out that the last kit was just bought by a young man.
After wandering around endlessly, you are helped by a comrade, who helps you finally find the acquirer, Chrome.
You convince him to let you borrow the kit.

Go back to see Kero.

Kero is waiting for you in the library. You have to give him everything you’ve collected.

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 6!

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.


  • A. Brussels. =
  • B. Dandelions. =
  • C. Cucumbers. (correct option, will save you Maana in episode 6) =


NOTE: Whoever you choose to decorate your room, you WILL NOT be able get an illustration with them, unless you replay the episode. For example, if you pick Valkyon the first time you play the episode, it blocks you from getting his illustration during that playthrough.

Which guy do you want to decorate your room?

  • A. Well I would like it to be Nevra who takes care of my room... =
  • B. Well I would like it to be Ezarel who takes care of my room... =
  • C. Well I would like it to be Valkyon who takes care of my room... =

{$Psudeo}, good thing you're here! We were just talking about how to bring the Kappa back to his home.

  • A. What? That wasn't in Ykhar's directions! = (- with Ykhar)
  • B. Before that, I would very much like that someone explains this Blackdog business to me! =
  • C. Uhh...Okay, how do we proceed? = (- with Kero)


You are really telling me the Miiko gave you a room with a bed and no mattress?

  • A. Haven't I always told the truth up until now? -
  • B. Well yes, why would I lie? +
  • C. I would have wished it was a lie. =

What person wouldn't want to be in my place?

  • A. It's true you're such a perfect being. (More dialogue) =
  • B. I would stay modest. -
  • C. (I rolled my eyes.) =

I see Ezarel is rubbing off on you.

  • A. No, this is actually my personality. -
  • B. Unfortunately so...Unfortunately so. +

It's possible... It all depends on what you're giving me in return for this service.

  • A. My gratitude? =
  • B. A hug? -
  • C. I don't know, what do you want? +

You really think this is a mission that will make you useful?

  • A. Don't start acting like Ezarel! =
  • B. Well yes...What else then? -
  • C. Of course not... +

Did we really give you a mission?

  • A. ...You’re not my type! =
  • B. ...If I wanted to find myself alone with you, I would have asked you! +
  • C. ....You’re the one that’s always trying to be alone with me!! -

If you aren’t up to it... I will let you choose, but do it quickly!

  • A. (Don’t follow the plan and let Nevra be the bait.) =
  • B. (Follow Nevra’s plan and be the bait.) (Towards illustration) =

Are you ok?

  • A. No, not really... That plan was seriously stupid, I thought I was going to die. (Illustration) =
  • B. Yes, I’m ok... But never let me go through something like that again. =

Your new "faelien" nature.

  • A. Good... -
  • B. Bad... +
  • C. I don’t know really... =

Hey, {$Psudeo}, what are you doing here?

  • A. Nothing that concerns you. -
  • B. I'm looking for a Navigation Kit. =
  • C. I see you're close to Alajea. +


That's really unkind of her. What a terrible person!

  • A. Ezarel... +
  • B. Do you ever listen seriously when people are talking to you sometimes? =
  • C. I'm not ungrateful... -

Why did you spare me from this "torture?"

  • A. I didn't want you to blame me for having given you this chore. +
  • B. I don't have faith in your "taste." -
  • C. I chose at random... =

Okay...I understand. Well then...

  • A. Ykhar thinks we might reconcile? -
  • B. I think you're someone who is very "conscientious." (more dialogue) =
  • C. I doubt I would get bored with you around. (more dialogue) =


  • A. You know, one day you will have to make peace with it... +
  • B. It's more difficult to find excuses to hate me, right?
  • C. Whatever the case, just tell yourself you're a good alchemist.

Conscientious? Are you sure of yourself?

  • A. Well yes...I saw how serious you were while you were preparing my potion. +
  • B. It was Ykhar who told me. - (= or)

What do you mean?

  • A. Ykhar told me that you were a true "end-of-train." =
  • B. You're still making jokes... +

What makes you say that?

  • A. You seem to know a lot about plants... +
  • B. Intuition...? =
  • C. You're a part of the Absynthe Guard after all. -

For the second time, what's wrong with you? Don't get so beriflore with me.

  • A. (Respond to Ezarel.) -
  • B. (Don't say anything.) =

(The left? The monster is going towards the right?!)

  • A. (Go to the right) =
  • B. (Go left) (Towards Illustration) =

It's YOUR mission, so you must go to the end.

  • A. (I rolled my eyes.) Okay, I accept. =
  • B. I don't care, I refuse to take this thing. (Illustration, more dialogue) =

(Ezarel...Being reassuring? That's a first.)

  • A. What's the joke? -
  • B. Thanks, that's nice of you. +
  • C. It's rare to see you so...Nice. =


  • A. (I think I should ask him directly for help.) -
  • B. (I don't think he is interested in helping me.) +
  • C. (Well...Where to start?) =


  • A. Do you want me to help you? (more dialogue) =
  • B. If it’s a small thing you can do it later. -


  • A. I insist. (more dialogue) +
  • B. Okay... =
  • C. Are you sure? =


  • A. Aaah! What’s that? -
  • B. I-I... I’m afraid of mice... =
  • C. Oh! It’s too cute! +


  • A. And it bothers you? =
  • B. Let’s say a little... +
  • C. Usually I’m very calm. -


  • A. You're not answering my question. -
  • B. Maybe, you don't want to talk about it? +
  • C. Do you want us to change the subject again? =

Did I say something shocking?

  • A. I don’t think you are the type to admit when you're scared. =
  • B. Seeing your build, I would think you’re not scared of anything! -
  • C. You can admit to me that you're scared, you know! +


  • A. (I don't care, I'm going to help him!) (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. (Okay, I’ll stay put...) =

What were you thinking? I ordered you to stay put!

  • A. I couldn’t leave you alone! =
  • B. I... (He looks furious) (Illustration) =

You didn't try to find the buyer to...

  • A. Buy it from them? +
  • B. Steal it? =
  • C. Borrow it? -


Ah, how is it?

  • A. Awful. +
  • B. It's complicated... -
  • C. Not really my taste. =

What? You don't think he's cute?

  • A. I haven't formed an opinion yet. =
  • B. (It's true he's rather cute...) Uhh... =
  • C. (He's not really my type...) Uhh... =

Did you understand your mission?

  • A. Yes...Well I think. (more dialogue) =
  • B. No sorry...I was listening, but at some point I zoned out. +
  • C. Uhh...I think you gave me way too much information at once. -

Okay, which creature is this mission concerned with?

  • A. A rabbit? -
  • B. A turtle?? +
  • C. A fox? =

Here's Ykhar...

  • (Go and see her normally.) =
  • (Call out to her screaming.) +


Well then what type of companion is your favorite?

  • A. I like birds! (...tell Ezarel?) +
  • B. I like dogs! (...tell Nevra?) +
  • C. I prefer rodents! +
  • D. I love reptiles! +


S-Sorry...You must think I am a bit invasive then...

  • A. A little yes... +
  • B. No, don't worry. =

Ah yes, she told me. You scared me...I thought you had a big problem.

  • A. Sorry, I like to tease you. (more dialogue) =
  • B. Well it's extremely serious! -

Ezarel's bad example is rubbing off on you.

  • A. I would surely love to bury the hatchet. +
  • B. No, I'm trying to be as different from him as possible. (more dialogue) =

I can understand, he is sometimes...annoying.

  • A. I won't argue with you on that. +
  • B. There's worse, fortunately. =
  • C. It's bearable. -


(Leiftan is here. He isn't busy...)

  • A. (Go see him.) =
  • B. (Don't bother him.) +