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Episode N°3Join the Guard of El

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You can finally join one of the guards of El. Which guard will you join?


Thankfully for Guardian, she and a few members of the Guard of El were able to convince Miiko to let her join the Guard. She still does not completely understand what that entails, though. Keroshane seems amused by this, but Guardian wonders if she could stay in the Refuge of El instead. Keroshane disagrees. Miiko's orders were clear: Guardian will not be locked up in the cell only if one of the leaders will look after her. The problem is Guardian does not know which Guard fits her best; she does have a talent but she is not sure if it would be useful. Keroshane recaps what he taught Guardian; there are four guards, each of them lead by either Ezarel, Nevra, Valkyon, or Miiko (all of whom have left the Crystal Room by now). Keroshane expands on this: there is some competition between the Guards, but, since all of them work towards the same goal, it is all in good spirit.

Usually, he gives new recruits a test, but the test would prove difficult for a human. However, he decides that if there is a question Guardian cannot answer, they can skip it and he can figure out a work around. Guardian stops him and asks him just what is this goal the Guard has. Keroshane repeats that they help the inhabitants of Eldarya but adds that the missions they have been getting are getting more and more dangerous recently. Guardian asks him why this is. Hesitantly, Keroshane points out the Crystal behind him and explains that it is one of the most important items in this world: it regulates Maana and makes sure it stays stable. However, a year ago it was vandalized by a group of thieves. They managed to break into the Crystal Room and take a great chunk of it. The main mission of the Guards is to find the rest of it so they can make the Crystal whole once again. After the Crystal was damaged, many people became weakened, went mad, or extremely aggressive, making this task all the more difficult, in addition to keeping the peace and lending a hand to anyone who needs it. All at once, Guardian understand Miiko's anger when she found her near the Crystal.

Keroshane reassures her that they would not give her any dangerous missions, but Guardian remains unconvinced. He tells her that the questionnaire is in the library. As they make their way to the library, Guardian meets the leaders of each Guard.

Nevra assumes that she has already taken the test, but Guardian corrects him. Seeing this as an opportunity to get her to join the Shadow Guard, he bows and introduces himself while flirting with her. Keroshane hurries Guardian away from him.

Continuing onward, Valkyon intercepts them. He asks Keroshane if Guardian is in the Shadow or Absynthe Guard while completely ignoring her presence. Keroshane informs Valkyon that she has not taken the test yet, reminding him that she could very well end up in the his guard. At this, Valkyon looks at Guardian to take her measure. He asks Guardian if she knows how to fight. While Guardian says she thinks that she could defend herself, she is not very certain. Valkyon admits that it is a decent start, but there is more to being an Obsidian member than just self-defense. Before he can go into a spiel about what they do, Keroshane interrupts him.

As Keroshane and Guardian leave Valkyon behind, they meet Ezarel who asks if her Guard has been decided. Guardian is surprised by everyone's sudden interest in this matter. Ezarel explains that their curiosity is genuine; after all, they want to know which Guard will have an extra servant. Despite Keroshane's attempts to reassure Guardian that he is joking, Ezarel goes on to point out all the knowledge that a member of the Absynthe Guard should have. Keroshane scolds Ezarel for scaring Guardian, but Ezarel does not apologize for doing so. Guardian still does not know if Ezarel was kidding or being serious.

Finally in the library, Keroshane searches for the questionnaire. Finding it, his horn begins to glow. A book floats down from the shelf into his hands. Amazed, Guardian asks him how he pulled off that trick. He wonders what she means and she points out what he just did. He suddenly remembers that she is not used to shows of magic; being able to transport something to him is just one of his skills. Guardian remarks that that seems very practical and he agrees before redirecting her to why they came here.

After a series of questions, answers, and a bit of banter, Keroshane tallies up Guardian's score. Once finished, he lets Guardian know which guard she is in. Next, he explains what a Companion is; they are creatures that populate Eldarya. If captured, they can be tamed and essentially turned into pets. Each member of the Guard has one, including himself. In order to figure out which species she should start with, he needs to give her another test. However, this questionnaire is in his room, so the two of them exit the library.

They walk along the Hall of the Guards when Keroshane stops her near the Crystal Room. He asks Guardian to wait there while he gets the test. As soon as he leaves, Guardian realizes that this is an opportunity to escape, one she might never get again.

(Try to escape)

Valkyon intercepts

(Wait for Keroshane)

Out of the blue, Guardian feels a hand on her shoulder as she stands around. It is Ezarel, who asks her why she is in the hallway. Guardian explains that Keroshane left her there while he went to retrieve something from his room. Ezarel knowingly grins at her while implying that she was going to escape. Guardian denies this. Before the conversation can continue, Keroshane interrupts them, reminding Ezarel that he has work to do in the Alchemy Lab. Ezarel informs him that that was where he was going. Keroshane points out that he was going in the opposite direction of where the lab is. Ezarel tries to play it off like he got lost, but this does not convince Keroshane at all. Once Ezarel leaves, Keroshane begins the final questionnaire.

(Pace around)

Nevra intercepts

Another series of questions and answers follows. Since this test is much shorter than the previous one, Keroshane can immediately tally up the points and give Guardian her new Companion. He hands her an incubator, as all Companions start out as an egg. Once the egg is hatched, there is not much else that Guardian has to worry about. Companions are self-sufficient; all she needs to do is leave out some food. He gives five portions for her to start off with. He goes on to explain that if a Companion is taken good care of, it will evolve into a stronger version of itself. Lastly, they can be used to help complete missions, play the Mini-Games, and explore locations.

Having finished briefing Guardian about Companions, Keroshane advises her to seek out Ezarel, Nevra, and Valkyon so she can let them know which guard she is in. Guardian thanks Keroshane before leaving. While Guardian still does not understand everything about her new position, she admits that it is infinitely better than being stuck in a cell. She might even be able to find out a way to get back home.

Walking out of the hallway, she first meets Ezarel. If she is in the Absynthe Guard, Ezarel will joke around about having a new slave and that his room is messy, can she go clean it? Guardian does not like his teasing and asks him if he has an actual mission for her. When he says no, she goes to find someone who does.

She finds Valkyon next. Getting his attention, she tells him what Guard she was placed in. If she is in the Absynthe Guard, Valkyon informs her that, while not everyone agrees with Ezarel's ways of running things, he is nothing if not patient. Guardian asks if he has anything that she might be able to do. Valkyon says he cannot think of a mission for her, saying that she should ask the others.

Upon finding Nevra, he asks her if she is lost. She corrects him by explaining that she is walking around Headquarters to find him and the other two leaders. Nevra thinks this means no one knows what to have her do so they decided to hand her off to someone else. Before Guardian can correct him, he switches topics and asks her if she was finally placed into one of the Guards. After telling him her Guard, she asks if there are any missions he can give her. He does not have any at the moment, but he tells her to see if any of the other leaders might have something.

Back in the Library, she sarcastically comments to herself about how far she has gotten. That is when she spots Keroshane talking with a young boy. Walking to where they are, the boy sobs as he explains that he put out some food to bring it back, but it did not work. As Keroshane tries to calm down the boy, Guardian asks about the situation. Keroshane explains that this boy was the one who took the rations. Apparently, the food was for his Companion, the problem being that Companions do not eat the same food that fae do. Because of this, it ran away.

The boy wails that he just want his Companion back. Guardian assures him that they will find it. Sniffing, the boy notices Guardian's odd garments and asks her who she is. Guardian gives her name. The boy introduces himself as Mery and starts to tell him where he lives when he remembers his missing Companion. As he begins to bawl again, Guardian strikes a deal with him: she will find his Companion, if he stops crying. Mery does not think she will be able to; her strange clothes will just scare it off. Guardian points out that his clothes are not that normal either, but does not say it out loud. Keroshane decides to let Guardian find the Companion while he brings Mery back home.

As Keroshane and Mery depart, Guardian realizes that she does not know just what type of Companion she is searching for or how to capture one. She goes to find Keroshane and manages to catch him before he completely left Headquarters. After asking him about Mery's Companion, he explains that it is a Crylasm— essentially a small sheep with little blue wings— and that it can be captured by using Eskimo Pie, an item she can by in the Companion Shop. Another tip he gives her is that this particular Companion likes to hide in a burrow found outside of Headquarters and that she should start her search there. She thanks him then leaves to go find that Companion.

If she is in the Absynthe Guard, she bumps into Ezarel while she searches. He asks her if she is lost. Guardian informs him that she is looking for a Crylasm. The two banter for a bit until Guardian tells him that Keroshane told her to look in the burrow. Ezarel does not believe her, thinking that she is using it as a way to escape, so he decides to go with her on the pretense of showing her where the plains are. She too is skeptical that he is doing this just to be nice.

Along the way out of Headquarters, Guardian stumbles upon Mery who asks her if she found his Companion. She says she has not and reassures him that she will bring it back to him.

Outside of Headquarters, Guardian marvels over the lush and beautiful scenery. She manages to find the burrow easily. After checking both around and in the burrow, she sees that Mery's Companion is not there.

Disheartened, Guardian and her guide return to Headquarters to give Keroshane the bad news. She finds him in the Refuge. Keroshane tells her that he was unable to find the Companion as well and suspects that it ran away. At that moment, Mery appears and asks if they found it. Keroshane and Guardian gently explain that it is possible his Companion left for good. As Mery bursts into tears, Guardian attempts to calm him down, but her words are not enough. In fact, Mery blames Guardian for his lost Companion, saying that she scarred it off with her strange clothes. Keroshane scolds Mery for his baseless accusation. Mery tries to defend himself, but Keroshane points out Guardian did her best to help him. Tears in his eyes, Mery apologizes to Guardian. Placing a reassuring hand on his head, Guardian accepts his apology and wonders aloud that maybe there is something else that they can do.

This comment gives Keroshane an idea. He suggests that they can get Mery a replacement Companion. Although Mery is hesitant at first, he quickly warms up to the idea. Keroshane tells Mery to go his house while he and Guardian find his new friend. Thanking them both, Mery runs off and into one of the houses.

Since there are not any Crylasms in the Companion Shop, Keroshane says that they will have to search the wild for one. Guardian points out that she only knows how to hatch an egg, not capture a Companion. Keroshane explains that each Companion has a specific bait will get their attention. For Crylasms, it is a pair of Golden Shears. Guardian remarks that this system is somewhat complicated and would not it be much easier to use a Poké Ball? Keroshane looks at Guardian in puzzlement at the term, but she declines to explain. Instead, she asks him how she will find out information regarding bait and food. He admits that there is no single resource to look at on this subject; it is a matter of trail and error. He continues to explain that Companions can meet other Companions during their travels and that having the right bait does not guarantee a successful capture. After Guardian inquires about how to obtain a Companion without the use of one, Keroshane says that wild Companions will only show themselves to other Companions, as they are quite fearful. Guardian thinks that is not very fair, prompting Keroshane to say that that is why new arrivals are always gifted a Companion.

Guardian wonders if the Crylasm Mery lost was his first. Since Keroshane does not immediately answer her, she concludes that Mery has had others before and lost those as well. She asks Keroshane if giving Mery another Companion is a good idea; if he was not able to take care of his previous Companions, whose to say he will be able to this time? Keroshane replies that Mery's mother will be around to watch him and that a Companion will give Mery a distraction. Guardian prompts him to explain what he means. He tells her that Mery's father and mother were just one of the couples affected by the Grand Crystal being broken; his father died and his mother was injured badly. That is why she and Mery are living in the Refuge for the time being. Guardian feels pity for the boy.

Switching subjects, Keroshane tells Guardian that he has to go back into Headquarters. After Keroshane leaves, Guardian buys the shears and sends her new Companion to search for a Crylasm. Once her Companion brings her a Crylasm egg, she goes to find Mery. Upon seeing her, Mery eagerly asks her if she has his friend. Holding the egg out for him to see, he seems disappointed at first. After reminding himself that his mother should know what to do, he gratefully accepts the egg. Guardian hands him the Eskimo Pie, explaining that this is what his new friend eats, not bread.

Mery tells Guardian that he found something during his search for his old Companion. Originally, he wanted to keep it, but he decided to give it to Guardian as a token for her help. In his outstretched hand is a piece of the Grand Crystal. He tells her to give it to one of the leaders of the Guards and pretend that she was the one who found it. After Guardian promises to give the Crystal piece to the Guard and Mery promises to not steal anymore bread, Mery leaves while humming a melody that Guardian can not identify.

Depending on which Guard she is in, Guardian will either meet Ezarel, Nevra, or Valkyon on her way back to Headquarters. After a brief conversation, Guardian wonders whether she really should hand over the piece of Crystal. For some reason, she does not want to depart with it; it is just that enchanting.

(Show the crystal piece)

Upon reflection, she decides to hand over the shard; after all, the Guard needs it more than she does. Astonished, all of the Guard leaders inquire as to how she got it. Though skeptical about her story, they all know that they have to find Miiko. Along the way to Headquarters, Guardian and her Guard's leader meet the other two.

(Hide the crystal piece)

((To be added))

Guardian is not thrilled at the prospect of visiting Miiko. The kitsune has not been kind to her and she doubts that Miiko would be happy at this development.

Trailing behind the three leaders, Guardian overhears their conversation; the talk about her, her place in the Guard of El, how she was able to find a shard of the Crystal... all the while ignoring her presence. Guardian does not really mind, preferring to stay out of their way. With much reluctance, she steps into the Grand Crystal Room once again.


This episode does not have any new outfits.

Quest Items[]

This episode does not have any quest items.

Hidden Items[]

This episode does not have any hidden items.


Official Episode Guide[]

Episode Decoration 1.png
Episode Guide
Episode Decoration 2.png

C H A P T E R I - Evaluations
C H A P T E R II - First Responsibilities
C H A P T E R III - A Friend . . .


During this episode, you are able to unlock one memory illustration.
This one is mandatory and cannot be missed.
Resume of the previous journal entry:
After learning more about the Guard of El and having found the missing rations, you manage to be in good graces with Miiko. You even got... A job!

Episode Decoration 1.png
Episode Decoration 2.png

After succeeding, with Keroshane’s help, to convince Miiko to leave you be and even to give you a job,
you will have to take a test that will determine which guard you will be a part of.

Find the guys to get to know them before starting Kero’s test. Warning, don’t let yourself get influenced!

You will need to meet Valkyon, Nevra and Ezarel to move forward in the story.
Once you have done this, go to the library to take your test.

Once you know which guard you’re a part of, you will learn all about the companions.
They are beings that look like animals and that are your companions for this journey... As a bonus, when they want to, they will bring back objects!

Seryphon Adult.png

It’s now time to take your test that will give you your first companion.

Go to Keroshane’s room to take the companions test.

Once the test is taken, you will receive one of the following companions: a Sabali, a Corko or a Becola.

Now that you have your companion and your guard, you are free to start your first mission... But you must still go and seek one!

Episode Decoration 1.png
First responsibilities
Episode Decoration 2.png

Go talk to the guys!

As before, you must talk to Valkyon, Nevra or Ezarel to move forward in the story. Although you have asked them for a mission all three have no mission to assign you so, you must continue to wander.
Luckily, you find Keroshane who is with a very young boy. You find out that he has lost his companion. Your mission is to find this famous Crylasm. But wait... What is a Crylasm?!

Catch up to Keroshane to get more information about companions

You quickly catch up to Keroshane and he explains to you what a Crylasm is and how to attract it towards you. It’s now time to go outside, but not alone of course!


Find out how to go to the exterior plains to find the companion.

Once one of the guys is willing to help you, go to the Grand Gate to go outside HQ.

At the burrow, you search and realize that unfortunately Mery’s Crylasm isn’t there.
You will have to let him know.

Find Keroshane to tell him the « bad news ».

Once the bad news has been announced to Kero and Mery, your new mission is now to capture a new Crylasm for the young boy.

Warning: If you’re doing a replay and you already have a Crylasm egg, you will still have to go to the burrows to capture it.

Episode Decoration 1.png
A friend...
Episode Decoration 2.png

Catch a Crylasm and bring it back to Mery.

Since Mery’s companion is impossible to find, you will have to go to the exploration map of El and explore the burrows.
Attention: You will certainly catch a Crylasm.
This is a quest item and can not be sold on the market.

Episode 3 guide Mery.png

Once you have the egg, find Mery and give him his new friend. There may be a surprise for you.

To unlock the episode illustration.

Mery gone, you realize you can’t keep this "great gift". You will have to give it to someone, but who?

Find someone in the Guard of El and give them the piece of Crystal.

Walk around HQ until you cross paths with one of the guys who you can show the piece of crystal to.
Right after that, you will meet the other two leaders of the Guards.
All four of you head towards the Crystal Room and Miiko is visibly not happy to see you... Again.

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 4!

Unofficial Guides[]

Guard Test[]

This test determines which guard both you and Guardian will join.
Note: The outcome of this test is irreversible. However, following this guide may not necessarily provide you with the guard that you want. It is entirely possible to pick all the right answers for one guard only to end up in a completely different guard.Thats why to end up in a certain guard, make at least one mistake.

1. What is your favorite moment of the day?
  • A. Dusk
  • B. Dawn
  • C. Noon
2. If you left for the Sleepy Forest, what would you bring with with you?
  • A. A spicy melon
  • B. A pillow
  • C. Your courage and your knife
3. What do you do during your free time?
  • A. Visit the library of Alexandria
  • B. Explore the gem mines
  • C. Stay home
4. You run into a Black Dog, what do you do?
  • A. I take out my courage and my knife!
  • B. I try to escape.
  • C. I try to appease it.
5. You have to team up with someone. Which species of Faery would you choose?
  • A. A redcap.
  • B. A ship-wrecker.
  • C. A blemmyes.
6. What is the object that contains the most Maana?
  • A. A bunch of coffee grains
  • B. Purified Water
  • C. Unrefined wood ashes
7. Which food do you prefer?
  • A. Honey
  • B. Milk
  • C. Bread
8. Of which are you most afraid of in Eldarya?
  • A. The Illuminati
  • B. The Triads
  • C. The Templars
9. Whose orders do you have to obey?
  • A. Miiko.
  • B. (Again...) Miiko.
  • C. (Always...) Miiko.
10. Which guard would you like to join?
  • A. The Shadow Guard.
  • B. The Obsidian Guard.
  • C. The Absynthe Guard.

Companion Test[]

This test determines which companion that you will start out with: a Becola, a Corko, or a Sabali. If you don't like the Companion you get, you can always change it later. As in the guard test, make at least one mistake to get a certain companion.

1. Which of these items do you find more appetizing?
  • A. The sweetened egg. (Corko)
  • B. The bamboo shoot. (Becola)
  • C. The cotton flower. (Sabali)
2. Would you prefer to have a cute, strong, or small Companion?
  • A. Cute! (Becola)
  • B. Strong. (Corko)
  • C. Small... (Sabali)
3. What do you expect from your Companion?
  • A. That it has a knife and courage. (Corko)
  • B. That it is fast. (Sabali)
  • C. That it is affectionate. (Becola)
4. You have to go away for a while, what do you do with your Companion?
  • A. I'd leave it with a friend. (Sabali)
  • B. I'd take it to the nursery. (Becola)
  • C. It can take care of itself. (Corko)
5. How much time do you count spending with your Companion?
  • A. I'd say the minimum. (Sabali or Corko)
  • B. I'd say just enough time. (Sabali or Corko)
  • C. I'd say the maximum. (Becola)

Love'o'Meter Guide[]


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: Dialogue options do not affect a character's affinity in this episode.


  • A. (Escape as quickly as possible.) (Valkyon intercepts) =
  • B. (Wait for Kero to come back.) (Ezarel intercepts) =
  • C. (Pace around.) (Nevra intercepts) =

  • A. (I'm not afraid to look in the burrow.) =
  • B. (I'm hesitant to look in there...) =

  • A. (Show the piece of crystal to [boy].) (better choice) =
  • B. (Hide the piece of crystal.) =


There you have it! Do you like it?

  • A. Yes! =
  • B. No... =


  • In this episode we meet Mery.