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Episode N°20The Melody of Bodies

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Terrified by your visions of the Oracle, you are barely able to find comfort in the arms of your chosen one. Luckily, the kindness of the Fenghuangs will be your refuge. However, in Eldarya, the calm never lasts for very long...

Summary Edit

During this episode, you will have the privilege to discover a new place in the temple of the Fenghuangs.

“Feng Zifu accepted to give me a tour of the temple. I was able to discover a new world, full of history and marvels. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the altar of fire under a starry sky.”

Outfit Edit

The Fenghuangs organize a feast, and for the occasion you can wear a new outfit offered by the Fenghuangs. We will let you discover it on your own! The variations will be available in the shop once you complete the episode, and your character can reach level 22.

“After all the adventures, good news is not to be refused! I will finally be able to enjoy my friends and the Fenghuang people for one evening. And this new outfit is just ravishing!”

Image Name How to get Cost
Birds good will Given by Feng Zifu Free

Quest Items ((Coming soon))

Hidden Items Edit

((Coming soon))

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