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Episode N16The Evil Crystals

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Resentment is like poison, it worms itself with turpitude to corrupt your soul and is rarely erased.
It's time to take control of your destiny and give in to the dawn of a new era.

Summary Edit

((Coming soon))

Equipment Edit

Image How to get Cost
Clothing Gas Mask Automatic Free

Outfit Edit

This episode does not have any new outfits.

Quest Items Edit

Name Objective Where to find
Malleable glass to create the gas mask Brought from Purroy's store
Enchanted Rubber to create the gas mask Brought from Purroy's store
Oxygen fragments to create the gas mask Brought from Purroy's store
Boulder bewteen caves find a way to get inside the cave Cave path

Hidden Items Edit

This episode does not have any hidden items.

Illustrations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • gas mask will be offered.
  • Our character can now reach level 18.
    • 2 new exploration sites:  Rock Cascades  and  Tip of the hills.

Official Episode Guide Edit

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It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
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Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.


  • A. (Talk to Kero) =
  • B. (Talk to Yhkar) =

  • A. I wonder if it would be affected by the myconides poison. =
  • B. No, I can't risk poisoning a creature who doesn't deserve it. =

  • A. (Go eat) =
  • B. (Wait a bit) (Better option) =

  • A. (Go see Ewelein immediately) =
  • B. (Thank Karuto before leaving) (Dialogue with Karuto) =

  • A. (Ride with Ezarel) =
  • B. (Ride with Valkyon) =
  • C. (Ride with Nevra) =
  • D. (Ride with Huang Hua) =

  • A. (Resist temptation) =
  • B. (Give in to temptation) =


  • A. (Out of instinct, I threw myself into his arms.) =
  • B. (Out of instinct, I drew closer to Huang Hua.) =



  • A. (That's right... And yet I didn't try to avoid him.) (More dialogue) =
  • B. I know, I avoided you. =


  • A. Why did you hesitate? (More dialogue) =
  • B. Okay. (In the end, I'm glad he didn't come to see me.)


  • A. Are you joking? It should be me who doesn't feel comfortable with you!
  • B. It's...annoying. (More dialogue) =


  • A. (I put my hand on his cheek) +
  • B. You made mistakes, it's your responsibility to deal with them... So, don't run from me. =
  • C. You can go only to yourself. -

  • A. (Hang on tight to the saddle) =
  • B. (Hang on tight to Nevra) (More dialogue) +


  • A. Okay! (I wrapped my arms around his waist) (More dialogue) +
  • B. I'll be fine, don't worry! =

  • A. (Despite everything he's done to me, I can't help but smile... I like the feeling of his body against mine.) =
  • B. (I can't forget what he did to me. My hands are trembling at the touch of his body, but I'm hanging on fast so I don't fall.) =

There's nothing else to fear.

  • A. (Stay next to Nevra) +
  • B. (Push Nevra away) =


  • A. (Hold Ezarel back) (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Don't hold Ezarel back) =


  • A. (Despite all the resentment I felt for him, I was worried about him.) (More dialogue) +
  • B. (Oh, well in any case, I don't actually care whether he's doing ok or not.) =

I'm touched.

  • A. Don't be silly, despite everything I've gone through here, I care about you. +
  • B. Well, I'm a gullible gully, whatcha gonna do? =

  • A. (Is that anger...or something else?) =
  • B. (Despite everything that's happened with him, this exchange has set something alight inside of me. My cheeks are on fire.) =
  • C. (I hope he didn't caress his my hand like that on purpose. I do not want him to get any ideas, after everything he's done to me! =

  • A. (Hang on tight to the saddle) =
  • B. (Hang on tight to Ezarel) (More dialogue) +

It would annoy me if I had to stop to pick you off the ground.

  • A. (Press myself closer to him) +
  • B. (Pull his hand off, and grab onto his jacket again) =

  • A. (Despite everything he's done to me, I can't help but smile... I like the feeling of his body against mine.) =
  • B. (I can't forget what he did to me. My hands are trembling at the touch of his body, but I'm hanging on fast so I don't fall.) =


  • A. (Stay next to Ezarel) +
  • B. (Push Ezarel away) =



  • A. (Tell him more about the problem) (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Don't tell him about my research) =


  • A. I'll think about it, thanks! (More dialogue) =
  • B. Thank you, but I'm doing it alone. =


  • A. Right now? I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm ready to be alone with you in a context other than work. +
  • B. I'd like to get to know you better too, Valkyon! +
  • C. I don't really want you to get to know me. =


  • A. (My heart is pounding, I think I'm blushing.) =
  • B. (I quickly removed my hand.) =

  • A. (Hang on tight to the saddle) =
  • B. (Hang on tight to Valkyon) (More dialogue) +


  • A. (I stayed in front of him) +
  • B. (I stayed behind him) (More dialogue) =

  • A. (Despite everything he's done to me, I can't help but get lost in his eyes.) =
  • B. (I can't forget what he did to me, and even if his gaze bothers me, I don't look if to confront him.) =


  • A. (Stay next to Valkyon) +
  • B. (Push Valkyon away) =


My departure is a few days away!

  • A. (Convince Kero to stay) (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Don't convince Kero to stay) (More dialogue) =

Don't you start, too!

  • A. Kero, you're somebody I have great respect for, I don't want to lose you. =
  • B. I understand how disgusted you are by the Light Guard, but don't abandon us. =
  • C. I respect your choice, but don't be mad at me for wanting you to stay. =


  • A. I'll miss you... =
  • B. If you've made your choice, I won't argue. =


  • A. Allie! How's it going? +
  • B. Alajea, how are you? =


Yes, no... *sigh*

  • A. Are you ok? =
  • B. What happened with Kero? I saw you guys fighting just now. =

Kero's value's are very important to him, and he doesn't want to be associated with such acts.

  • A. I understand... I think I'd have done the same thing. =
  • B. But this whole thing has nothing to do with anyone but me! =


Your check-up. Did you forget?

  • A. Uhh...did we talk about this? -
  • B. No, I was just waiting to hear more about it from you! +


  • A. I know, but I didn't think about it when I woke up. +
  • B. I know, but I was hungry... -
  • C. I know, I forgot. =

  • A. Do you want me to take care of that? I'm good at drawing. =
  • B. (Shoot, I can't even help her, I can't draw either!) =

Ez and I started going out about a year ago.

  • A. (When I heard the words "going out", I felt my heart tighten in my chest.) =
  • B. So you were together? =

When you first got here... Ezarel wouldn't stop talking about you and I think it made me jealous. I'm sorry I wasn't that nice to you.

  • A. It's no big deal, I personally think you're nice. +
  • B. It's true you weren't always the nicest to me, but I understand why you were the way you were a bit more now. +
  • C. As long as it doesn't happen again. (I was very sharp with her, I don't appreciate having to pay for others' mistakes!) -


I completely agree with you on that.

  • A. (When I saw Miiko's expression, my excited dimmed.) I'm guessing there's a but... =
  • B. Really aren't you going to yell? =
  • C. But as it's me, that's a no? =

Yes. If you really want to resolve this conflict, persuade us.

  • A. So basically, you're asking me to do all the work instead of you? -
  • B. But if you can't even find a way, how am I supposed to? +
  • C. I don't get it... =

Consider it a challenge.

  • A. This is no game, Miiko... You can't let this situation slide just because nobody's asked for help. -
  • B. I don't think that's fair for either side, but at least it's not a definitive "no". +
  • C. Count on me to succeed! (biggest LOM raise) +

{$Psuedo}, you are an exceptional person...and I'm very mad at myself for not having noticed that sooner.

  • A. Miiko... (I wanted to cry, I was so moved by what she was saying.) =
  • B. Thank you Miiko. =
  • C. (I wanted to tell her where to go... After all I'd suffered because of her, this apology of hers really was not going down well.) =


Ok, it's about Alajea.

  • A. What, got a new joke? =
  • B. Can you not just leave her alone for a while? You're harsh on that girl. -

Seriously, you've been in there twice now and you can't tell me anything at all?

  • A. Do you even know what's going on down there? The myconides are dying. So grow up a bit and stop complaining! =
  • B. Do I have to remind you that I don't belong to your world and I don't know anything about Eldaryan geology? =
  • C. You know you're getting mad over nothing, right? (I gave him a reassuring smile.) (More dialogue) =

I wanna go, too!

  • A. Should I remind you how you didn't stay outside as planned, last time, or should I stay quiet? =
  • B. I don't think we can risk you going down there, sorry! =
  • C. Ask next time! =


Do you want to come with me?

  • A. No thank you, I'd rather be good =
  • B. Heck yes! =

Huang HuaEdit

  • A. (Hang on tight to the saddle) =
  • B. (Hang on tight to Huang Hua) (More dialogue) =


  • A. (Tickle Huang Hua) +
  • B. (Don't tickle Huang Hua) =


I am truly disappointed.

  • A. Is there anything I can do to deserve your forgiveness? (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Be as disappointed as you'd like, honeybunch, this mission is way more important than your little project.) -
  • C. (I pretended to be sad to sweeten him up a little.) Are you going to be mad at me for long? (More dialogue) =

Away with you, bird brain.

  • A. See you later, pretty ginger ♥ =
  • B. See you later, Purral! =
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