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Episode N°15The Mermaid's Song

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Like the foam that disappears when it comes into contact with the hot sand, the sorrows are washed away and forgotten...
But the wind rises, the sea's swell beats against the cliffs. A storm is bubbling inside you.

Summary Edit

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Outfit Edit

Image Name How to get Cost
Guardian Sprite 5
Black Wave Automatic Free

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Trivia Edit

  • Our character can now reach level 17.
  • Our Guardian said she dated a boy whose description resembles Dake from My Candy Love.

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It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 16!

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.


  • A. (Oh, that's Floppy!) = (+ with Valkyon later)
  • B. (Eeeeek, it's Floppy! I hate mice!!!) =
  • C. (Awww! It's little Floppy ♥) = (+ with Valkyon later)

  • A. (I hope not... Although, considering that Karenn is crying, Floppy's master is missing, and Purroy is looking after the potions instead of Ezarel...) =
  • B. (It kind of would be karma coming back to them, given what they've done to me.) =

  • A. (I looked away, a little embarrassed.) =
  • B. (I watched her work, as if hypnotized by her technique.) =
  • C. (I'm watching Ewelein, Maythz and Violine in turn. Please, tell me everything's going to be okay! =

  • A. (Try to find another way of dealing with the situation) =
  • B. (Force everyone away, using the advice Cameria gave me)

  • A. (Take out my weapon)
  • B. (Don't take out my weapon) =


Nevra is right in the middle of my path.

  • A. (go left)
  • B. (go right)

  • A. (go right)
  • B. (go left)

That explains it. In any case, that's cool... That you're getting better and better at defending yourself.

  • A. Yes, we never know when people are to try and hurt me...
  • B. Given my predisposition for ending up the bait, I thought it might lend me a non insubstantial advantage. +
  • C. You guys are good at attacking people huh?

We've known her for some time... so we immediately realized it must have had something to do with her past. It's someone from her family, isn't it?

  • A. Since when did you care about Alajea?
  • B. ...
  • C. That's not for me to say, I'm sorry. =


So congratulations. Good job.

  • A. (Ezarel giving praise, I'm not sure how to take this.)
  • B. Thank you. +


  • A. (I made a gesture as if to say "don't worry about it".) =
  • B. (I'd rather turn my head away and not reply.) =

I understand, but this is not the time to play hero. Stay close to me and take action when we tell you to!

  • A. (I then went to Valkyon's side, listening to his warning...)
  • B. (I didn't want to stay to close to him, and maintained a certain distance from him, though staying covered.)

I'm proud to have a member like you in my guard.

  • A. I'm happy to be part of the Obsidian Guard, too. +
  • B. I don't want to offend you, but I'd have rather been in a different guard.

What you said on the beach. So?

  • A. Looks like I don't really have a choice... ok then, but stay there.
  • B. Tell me what you have to tell me, but stay there on the doorstep

I'm sorry about the way I did this to you.. I should never have forced you to kiss me... It was repugnant on my part and I'll never forgive myself for it.

  • A. You're right, you should never have done that...
  • B. (I was mute, in front of him at the fact he realized the seriousness of what he'd done, even though I was still very angry at him.)
  • C. "Forced"? Valkyon... I felt violated by what you did!

I.. I've been an idiot.

  • A. (I held myself back from going further with what I wanted to say.)
  • B. A massive moron, more like!


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Ok... see you later then?

  • A. (Sorry Alajea, but I don't really want to talk about what happened to me with you...)
  • B. I'll see...
  • C. That's a promise! +

No... wait... {$Pusdeo} why did you follow me?

  • A. I was worried about you. +
  • B. I'm a very curious person.
  • C. I don't know... I just did, that's all.

Maybe we're not that close yet, but... I know what it is to feel sad.

  • A. Thank you, Alajea.
  • B. Thanks, Al =
  • C. Thanks... Allie.

  • A. (I'm truly happy to be able to count her amongst my friends. Her hug is doing me a crazy amount of good.) =
  • B. (The warmth she's communicationg to me means so much.)

I wasn't doing too good a few days ago, he came and brought me soup to make me feel better. He stayed with me for part of the day, even though I didn't ask anything from him!

  • A. This guy must really like you! Go for it! =
  • B. If he stayed, that must be because he likes you.

  • A. (Shake Alajea)
  • B. (Keep calling Alajea's name)


  • A. (Make the rock sign) (Correct choice) =
  • B. (Make the scissor sign) =
  • C. (Make the paper sign) =

Can you help me carry her to the water?

  • A. (Come on {$Pusdeo}, face your fears. It's just water!!!)
  • B. (I'm still to scared to approach the water...) I...


I haven't been the greatest of friends to her or to you...

  • A. But you can't prdict everything either.
  • B. I don't think I'm your friend...
  • C. You were there for me, I was the one who didn't take the helping hand you held out to me... =


{$Psudeo}. If you want to stay, you are welcome. If not, you should leave.

  • A. Will there be a lot of blood? =
  • B. I'll stay, I'm not scared of blood! +
  • C. What can I do to help? +

I hope it didn't make you feel uneasy.

  • A. A little bit...but that's because I'm not used to seeing so much blood... +
  • B. No worries, it was actually pretty interesting. I hope I can help you again some time! +
  • C. I don't really know, that was my first time. +

How long are you going to leave us hanging? I have a patient who needs my help, and I don't think {$Pseudo} or any other one of us has time for you to mumble or hesitate.

  • A. (Whoa, Ewelein... You have just won points in my heart.) +
  • B. (Ouch, Miiko couldn't have liked that.) =


Hmm, and why do you want to be able to fight?

  • A. Because I want to become stronger and more independent. +
  • B. To be able to defend myself, no matter what the circumstance is.
  • C. Because I want to be able to handle the things that could hurt me, myself.

Imagine I'm a malevolent being and I'm pointing a weapon at you, while you're defenseless. How would you react?

  • A. I'd attack before you do.
  • B. I'd be terrified, and I think I'd try to reason with you... =
  • C. I'd try to run away.


It's about the attack on Enthraa.

  • A. Oh, that's not difficult to guess. +
  • B. You don't say? Who would have thunk it?!!! (My voice was dripping with sarcasm) -
  • C. Ok, and? =

Also, {$Psudeo}, we owe you an apology.

  • A. What about, exactly? Because you have several things to choose from! -
  • B. What do you mean? =

You can come and see me.

  • A. And what if you are Ashkore's ally? =
  • B. Do you really think this will change anything? =

  • A. (Come on now {$Psudeo}, violence never solves anything... even though she deserves my fist right in her face!) =
  • B. (Was she looking for me? Well, here I am!!!)


No, you just have to follow the smell of tuna! HAHA!!

  • A. You really are just a kid.
  • B. (God Lord, he went there... what a moron.) +
  • C. .... seriously?


  • A. We could use the poison from Balenvia. That sure did it for Ezarel and me.
  • B. (I could use the poison from Balenvia, but that's a bit extreme...) =

  • A. At the same time, when we know it's the favorite hangout of that tyrant, Ezarel...
  • B. I don't come here that often, either.
  • C. That has always surprised me.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Feng ZifuEdit

  • A. Fang Zifu, is that you? =
  • B. Huang Hua?!
  • C. Zif, is that you?


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Were you happy it was him that worked with you in that challenge?

  • A. Obviously not! =
  • B. *Sigh* It doesn't matter... Let's just say it was...swell... =
  • C. Yes! =