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Episode N°13Mnemosyne

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Since the Balenvia mission quite moved you, you don't know what to think anymore.
Despite everything, you continue to be as active as possible in the Guard of El.
But an external event will force you to make a... Difficult decision.


((Coming soon))


This episode does not have any new outfits.

Quest Items[]

Name Purpose Where to find
3 Lethe Water Ingredients For the Potion found by exploring Frog Reef and Remnants of the Monks on the Jade Coast map
2 Coffee Bean Clusters Ingredients For the Potion found by exploring Toad Creek on the Jade Coast map
3 Royal Jellies Ingredients For the Potion bought at the Alchemy Shop
5 Strawberry Pistachios Ingredients For the Potion found by exploring Tadpole Lake, Hill Entrance, and Kappa Village on the Jade Coast map

Hidden Items[]

Image Objective Where to find
(Image) Abandoned Plushie Given by Purreru if correct dialogue


Official Episode Guide[]

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Episode Guide

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There is not yet an official guide for this episode.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 14!

Love'o'Meter Guide[]


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.



  • A. (Oh Lordy, what was I thinking? I've got the willies now.)
  • B. (I can feel the adrenaline building inside me.) =


  • A. (Purreru's mission) =
  • B. (Purriry's mission)
  • C. (Purroko's mission)


  • (Gently push Ezarel off me)
  • (Let him kiss me a little longer)
  • (Push Ezarel off)


Yes. Every time we come, it is never in the same place. It is played a few centimeters, but here is...

  • A. It is undoubtedly the sea that digs a little the sand and that advances the rock. =
  • B. Do you think there are small creatures that move it? =
  • C. Hmm, how can you be so sure? =

Thank you, what would I be without you?

  • A. You would be at the bottom of a cave, perhaps. =
  • B. Tss... =
  • C. You'd wander for eternity in search of your lost love: me. =

For example...

  • A. Can you tell me more about that, by the way?
  • B Hmm, looks like it's a delicate subject... +

True, but I'm allowed to have enjoyed it, aren't I?

  • A. You are incorrigible.
  • B. No. It was more of a chore than a pleasure for me.
  • C. You had a duty to! I'm so sexy, it's an honor to have me touch you. =


It's hideous.

  • A. I don't think so. +
  • B. Tell me about it. =
  • C. ... (I don't dare voice what I'm thinking.) -

  • A. (I think he's really handsome, with that little mane of hair floating in the wind.) =
  • B. (It's rare to see him so serious, I'd better make the most of it.) =

Valkyon will talk to you about that when the time is right.

  • A. I got the impression it was a sensitive subject. I don't want to force him into it. +
  • B. So basically, he's never going to talk to me about it. -
  • C. He doesn't seem ready for that right now. =

I know.

  • A. And I agree with you, this rock is repulsive. =
  • B. Were you at the Fenghuangs'? =

Nothing... Just let it go.

  • A. (Let it go) =
  • B. No, I will not let it go =

Oh, well look who it is...

  • A. What are you doing?
  • B. Can you explain to me what happened before?



  • A. It's nice here. +
  • B. It feels good to feel the sea on your skin. =
  • C. Do not say anything. -

That's why he's an excellent advisor and right-hand man.

  • A. You could've opted for a democratic system, then? =
  • B. And you, you didn't want to? =

You seem close to her.

  • Mmm, I didn't find there was that much to her, to be honest.
  • Yes, I think I can consider her as a friend... or almost. =

Well, she's a woman with an incredibly good heart, and she's highly respectable.

  • You're right. =
  • Are you interested in her?
  • Do you find her beautiful?

  • A. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up. =
  • B. You know, you're going to have to tell me sooner or later. =
  • C. ... =


Well, I'm a lorilet.

  • A. A lorilet? What is that? =
  • B. Oh, I know what that is! (More dialogue) =

  • A. Those are the selenites, aren't they? -
  • B. Those are the moon elves, aren't they? =
  • C. Is that something to do with the moon? +


I'm sorry about before...when we were with Miiko. I shouldn't have hugged you like I did.

  • A. It's not a problem, quite the opposite. +
  • B. I was a little embarrassed, I'll admit. =
  • C. Yes, you shouldn't have done that (I really don't like him touching me.) -

I can't say anything more on it for now... But yes.

  • A. Don't talk about it then. =
  • B. I understand, don't worry about it. =
  • C. Will you guys be talking about it later? =

I've asked some people to help teach you the history of Eldarya.

  • A. Oh, good! =
  • B. When do we begin? +
  • C. Finally, I was starting to think you wouldn't. (More dialogue) -


  • A. Availability problem? =
  • B. Again? -


  • A. Varies depending on who's back from the mission (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Oh no, that's Alajea... I'd rather not talk to her.) -

What a coincidence!

  • A. Yes, it was almost as if someone had written it that way. =
  • B. Quit making fun of me.
  • C. I don't really believe in coincidences, you know.

Oh, I see. I asked for that mission too, but she said there were already loads of people who asked before me. She's going to try to manage all of that.

  • A. You want to see Huang Hua again. +
  • B. I don't think she'll give you that mission.
  • C. Aren't you scared of the voyage?

Crush feelings? Not at all. Well, I like him...physically, because he's handsome... And I have a lot of respect for him, but I'm not in love with him.

  • A. Are you sure about that? =
  • B. I don't believe a word of that. -
  • C. That's good, I feel better now. (More dialogue) =

Oh yeah? You have a crush on him?

  • A. A little bit, yeah... +
  • B. (I'm going to avoid telling her the truth about what I feel towards Nevra.) +
  • C. No, I just wouldn't want him to break your heart. +


Although...maybe you were the double before and now I'm talking to the original... Hmm...

  • A. You are...tiresome. -
  • B. Treat me like a snake then, clearly that's what you are. =
  • C. So does that mean I'm nice now? +

Don't you want to continue your usual research?

  • A. Yes, sure I do. But this time I need to make myself useful and spend this energy of mine! =
  • B. I still have many gaps in certain areas. Kero offered to sign me up for a lesson, so I'm waiting for his go ahead. =


Good... at least I got the reinvigoration potion right.

  • A. You didn't look too radiant in Balenvia, actually. -
  • A. What's wrong? (more dialogue) =
  • C. Reinvigoration potion? =


  • A. You did the best you could. =
  • B. We can't succeed every time. =


What do you know about Eldarya?

  • A. Nothing more than I've learned since my arrival. =
  • B. (This is an online game that combines fantasy and romance with three beautiful boys) =

Is something wrong?

  • A. Tell her how angry I am =
  • B. Yell at her to vent my anger =
  • C. Let my anger overcome me =


I came to see you.

  • A. Oh thank you, that's so nice of you. +
  • B. You didn't have to do that, I'm fine. =
  • C. Well, now that you've seen me, you can go, right? =

I don't know what your opinion is, but... I have no idea what to think!!!

  • A. Same here, I still have trouble figuring out exactly what happened, how it could all go so wrong. =
  • B. It's quite simple, we carried out a mission that turned into a watery, stinky brown substance. =

You know, I feel guilty about the Balenvians.

  • A. Me too... =
  • B. You shouldn't, none of it was our fault. +
  • C. And I feel the same about the myconides... =

Me? Not at all! I'm not preparing anything special at all!

  • A. What are you preparing? (More dialogue) =
  • B. Hmmm... I don't believe you. -
  • C. You don't look very comfortable. +


  • A. Be careful Karuto doesn't catch you stealing sausages this time. =
  • B. I hope Karenn hasn't swept you away in one of her crazy schemes. -
  • C. Are you preparing a prank to play on Ezarel or Alajea? =

Which do you prefer between the two, red or black?

  • A. Stendhal! -
  • B. Red! =
  • C. Black! Although, red...actually. =
  • D. Can I say both? +
  • E. I don't like either of those, sorry. -



  • A. Did not know it! =
  • B. (Hehe, I knew it.) =
  • C. (At least, I'm fixed on the issue, now.) =

  • A. (Convince her to stop this, now) =
  • B. (Tell on her) (More dialogue) =
  • C. (Go with her) (More info) =
  • D. (Leave her to it.) =



  • A. You're not going to cry every time you see me? +
  • B. I'm fine, stop doing that with your head. -
  • C. Console him =



  • A. Mery, calm down now. =
  • B. (Don't react) =
  • C. Hey, little cutie pie. ♥ =


They're adorable, aren't they?

  • A. They're a little invasive, haha.
  • B. No, I don't really like things that are too hairy...
  • C. Yes, they sure are! =



  • In Greek mythology, Mnemosyne was a titan but especially the goddess of memory.
  • Our character can now reach level 15.
  • 2 new exploration sites: Turtle Lake and Lake of the Woods .
  • In this episode we meet Purroko and Purriry.