Race Mermaid
Gender Female Female
Guard Former Member
Hair Color Turquoise
Eye Color Turquoise
First Appearance Episode 1

Enthraa is revealed in Episode 14 , while the guard is searching for leads that lead her to prison. However, we see her shadow in Episode 1 shortly after Erika was caged by Jamon .

Appearance Edit

With a serious expression, this beautiful mermaid is always armed with her red trident. It has long turquoise hairs that get a different shade of green at the tips and your eyes also have the color of your hair with your black sclera. It has gray skin, and its purple tail has details and turquoise fins. The fins are also present on your arms and head, replacing the ears. His dress is basically his armor at the waist, his bracelets and his iron cropped with a transparent yellow fabric next to it.

Personality Edit

Enthraa does not seem to enjoy socializing very much, since we rarely see her. She is constantly at her workplace, the waters of the Prison. She refuses to drink the potion to have legs, because to her this is a heresy. So you can not get away from the water for long. [2]

It seems to be rather serious and laconic.

Plot Edit

Enthraa's past has not yet been revealed. She is currently a Prison Guard, making her a recurring character for Erika , as it is rarely in her interest to wander the place she spends much of her time.

Relationships Edit

There is no relevant information about Enthraa's relationships.

Gallery Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Her companion is named Pathello (unknown race).
  • She doesn't get along with Valkyon.


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