Kappa Icon
Race Kappa
Gender Male Male
Guard None
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
Height 42 cm = 1'4 feet
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Episode 5

Elliot is a young Kappa who is only a few months old. No one knows why or how he got to the General Headquarters.

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Relationships Edit

Guardian Edit

Elliot enjoys Guardian's company and often tries to get her attention.

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Trivia Edit

  • Since Elliot originally didn't have a name, Guardian came up with three different names. Those names were "Elliot", "Liam" and "Franklin". When offered the latter two, the Kappa would get upset.
  • He is not the son of Master Kappa , but one of his beloved friends.
  • It gives off a stench that many can not stand.
  • His mother language is apparently Japanese.
  • In Episode 7, he notes that the woman who abducted him had the same human smell as Erika.
  • He seems to have telepathic abilities.
  • As of Episode 21, it is shown that he has already learned to speak, although he still needs to improve.
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