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For Easter, you will participate in a chocolate hunt in the company of the Purrekos. From May 20 at 5 AM EST until May 29 at 23:59 PM EST, send your companion to collect Chocolate Coins and exchange them for exclusive items! Here’s hoping it doesn’t eat all the chocolate along the way…


The event occurred from May 20th through May 29th. A new exploration map, the Easter map, was available for the duration of the event. The event was delayed about a month due to unexpected data loss of the European servers in an accident.

Click here to access the event exploration guide.


Two new companions were added the game.

Image Name Food How to get
Ploomshu Egg.png Ploomshu ? Exploration in the Easter map
File:Young Purreko Egg.png Young Purreko ? Total coins found, chests opened, and tickets exchanged on server reaches 100% on meter


Four new outfits were available. Pieces of Children's Hero, Plushie Dreams, and Children's Nightmare could be received from opening sweet chests, and a full matching set of Purreko's Friend could be received with a total bank purchase of about ten dollars during the event. Easter 2020 outfits returned as well as other years' Easter outfits.


Obtained after obtaining at least one of every piece in every outfit (Children's Hero, Plushie Dreams, and Children's Nightmare.) Items may be sold on the Market without affecting obtained status.