Easter 2017 Announcement

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On April 14th, 2017, the main administrator of Eldarya opened a thread announcing the start of the Easter event.[1] It detailed how players could obtain equipment items. The event ran from April 14th to April 26th.

For every day of the event, players had to obtain four ingredients. Once they had gotten everything, the items would make three Fortuna Clovers. These clovers could be given to either Ykhar, Jamon, or Chrome. After giving a clover to one of them, a pop up would appear with an array of colors for a certain equipment piece. Once a player confirmed their choice, the character they picked would have a small bit of dialogue. The other colors of that piece would then become available in the Clothes Shop for either Maana or Gold Coins. Each character had a total of nine pieces. Fortuna Clovers could also be bought for 20 GCs.

Once Ykhar, Jamon, and Chrome rewards were completely unlocked, Mery would appear. In exchange for giving him 30 chocolate eggs, players could receive a Jeanylotte. Players had to send chocolate eggs to other players that were on their friends list. These eggs would then be scattered throughout the site and players had to find and click on them so that the eggs could be added to their inventory. The eggs could also be bought for 20 GCs each.

The event also had an exclusive bindle called the "Spring Feary Bindle". This bindle was available every day and the amount of items needed to obtain the bindle changed with each day. Inside the bindle was a solitary outfit with all of its available colors plus 50 Purro'Passes.

In the Clothes Shop, there were two outfits that were from the Easter 2016 event that was held on the French server. One outfit could be bought with Maana or Gold Coins while the other could only be purchased with GCs.

Pieces of the illustration could be found by exploring the City of El or Jade Coast map or be purchased with 10 GCs.

Companion Edit

Image Name Food How to get
Egg Jeanylotte Jeanylotte Chocolate Cirses Give Mery 30 chocolate eggs

Outfits Edit

For individual pieces of each outfit, see Easter 2017 Event/Outfit Pieces.
Image Name From Total Price
Total Price
Outfit Bells Bearer
Bells Bearer Ykhar 4410 735
Outfit Egg Artist
Egg Artist Jamon 3690 615
Outfit Hunter Instinct
Hunter Instinct Chrome 3660 610
Outfit Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Bunny Buy in the Clothes Shop 1850 262
Outfit Spring Bohemian 2
Spring Bohemian Buy in the Clothes Shop N/A 765
Outfit Spring Faery
Spring Faery Get every piece from the Spring Faery Bindle N/A N/A

Other Items Edit

Image Name How to get
Item Murphy Broken Pot Murphy Broken Pot Log in
Item Dewdrop Peat Dewdrop Peat Win at least 7 Maana from one of the minigames
Item Lucky Clover Seeds Lucky Clover Seeds Find the "Easter Bunny" while exploring
Item Leprechaun Water Leprechaun Water Make a purchase from one of the shops
Item Fortuna Cloves Fortuna Cloves Combine the above four items on the event page
Buy a clover for 20 Gold Coins
Item Chocolate Egg Chocolate Egg Have your friends hide a chocolate egg for you when they run into the Easter Bunny.
(Found in various places on the site)
Buy an egg for 20 Gold Coins
Item Illustration Fragment Illustration Fragment Can be found at any exploration location
Buy a fragment for 10 Gold Coins

Finding Chocolate Eggs Edit

  • Terms of Service Page, link at the bottom of the page (search at the bottom or the top of the page)
  • Goodies page, link at the bottom of the page (search at the bottom or the top of the page)
  • Mini-games (on the Purro-Swap image)
  • Clothes Shop (on Purriry's head)
  • Market (on your head)
  • "Edit my appearance" (on your head)
  • Messages or Contacts (on someone's head)
  • Pet's page (near "My companion")
  • Bank (near the gold coins tab)
  • Ranking (reward of the month)
  • Library (on the pop-up when you modify your crush)
  • Inventory (top left)
  • Mini-games (Egg'Bomb page, top corner)

Spring Faery Bindle Edit

Image Name Type Chance
Clothing Sinead Sinead Hair 7%
Clothing Spring Faery Top Spring Faery Top Tops 11%
Clothing Spring Faery Dress Spring Faery Dress Dresses 10%
Clothing Spring Faery Sleeves Spring Faery Sleeves Hand Accessories 13%
Clothing Spring Faery Bracelets Spring Faery Bracelets Hand Accessories 13%
Clothing Spring Faery Flower Lamp Spring Faery Flower Lamp Hand Accessories 8%
Clothing Spring Faery Wings Spring Faery Wings Coats 6%
Clothing Spring Faery Ankle Bracelet Spring Faery Ankle Bracelet Socks 11%
Clothing Spring Faery Flowers Spring Faery Flowers Atmospheres 11%
Item Purro Pass 50x Purro'Pass Other 10%

Illustration Edit

Purral entrusted me with a g-gift for you, but my companions ripped it up into 8 pieces... They surely hid them all over Eldarya. F-Find them!
I-I'm sorry...

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Trivia Edit

  • The original end date for this event was April 23rd. However, due to the presence of many bugs and technical issues without anyone to fix them, the date was pushed forward three days.[2]
  • During this time, My Candy Love was having an Easter event as well. On the corner of that site's event page was Jeanylotte's egg. Hovering the mouse over the egg would show a baby Jeanylotte with a little bit of dialogue saying that the player could adopt them over on Eldarya.

References Edit

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