Dean Haglae
Haglae Sprite 1
Race gnome
Gender Female Female
Guard None
Hair Color Beige
Eye Color Black
Relatives -
First Appearance Episode 12

Dean Haglae is the matriarch of Balenvia.

Description Edit

"Haglae is the elder of the village. Part of the non-malicious gnome people, she is very small yet very respected. She knew how to keep her family and village alive through pangs of misery and famine, to create a flourishing society: agreements done with H.Q. are greatly to do with it."[1]

Appearance Edit

Leaning on a cane to walk, she is very old. Her hair is quite long and imposing for her small size. Her nose is prominent and her skin is gray. She is wearing a purple and gold tunic.

Personality Edit

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Plot Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Consider the gnomes better than the Elves and talk about the superiority of their species.
  • He is aware of the superiority that vampires have because of human novels, making comments to Nevra.
  • He is friendly towards Guardienne and Valkyon .
  • He has made numerous deals with the General Headquarters.
  • He dies in episode 16, this affects Guardienne a lot.

References Edit

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