Dawn Homonculus
Dawn Homonculus Adult
Rarity Legendary
Average Luck 332
Food Mini Ray of Sunlight
Bait Bottle of Essence of Life
Hatch Time 720 minutes
Baby Energy 100
Adult Energy 120
Store Price N/A

The Dawn Homonculus is a legendary companion, exclusive to the Absynthe guard.

Description Edit

Rumor has it that this companion was created by a great alchemist, thanks to the sap from a holy tree. Rumor also suggests that it pledges its allegiance to the Absynthe Guard, and that guard only.

Obtaining Edit

  • Find via exploration at the Hill Entrance (Jade Coast).

Food & Bait Edit

Energy & Hatching Edit

The egg hatches in 720 minutes. Their energy as a baby is 100 which goes to 120 as an adult.

Evolution Requirements Edit

  • Have reached Level 12
  • Have an Affection Level of at least 90%
  • Must be at least 45 days old

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • One Dawn Homonculus egg is needed in order to make Chiromagnus.
  • Homonculus (or homunculus) means "little man" in Latin.

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