Cryllis Icon
Race Bug Bear
Gender Male Male
Birthday January 7
Guard None
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height 168 cm = 5'6 feet (about 180 cm when standing upright = 5'10 feet)
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Episode 9

A creature with a cavernous voice that looks like a bear. He has quite a strong aura.

About Edit

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Appearance Edit

He has fur and a little bit of tissue on his thighs, he uses wears a wooden stick. He has a necklace with yellow, red and green beads, with a pendant that resembles a leaf.

Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Triva Edit

  • Guardienne thought he was a bad person at first, probably because of Yvoni's mental manipulation of her.
  • He is an ally of the Shining Guard.
  • He and Jamon seem to get along.
  • He has a tendency to appear out of nowhere and frighten others.
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