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Rarity Common
Luck Baby: 50-100
Adult: 30-75
Food Eskimo Pie
Bait Golden Shears
Hatch Time 120 minutes
Energy Baby: 40
Adult: 120
Store Price N/A

Crylasm is a Companion.


Its crystal-like wings keep the adult crylasm from flying. Contrary to its younger form, the adult has an excellent endurance. Supposedly, however, younger Crylasms are luckier than their evolution.


  • Find via exploration at HQ Gardens, Western Plain, or the Burrow (City of El).
  • Can be purchased on the Market.

Food & Bait[]

Energy & Hatching[]

The egg hatches in 120 minutes (two hours). The baby has 40 energy which increases to 120 as an adult.

Evolution Requirements[]

  • Have reached level 7.
  • Have a Affection Level of at least 90%.
  • Must be at least 20 days old.



  • In Episode 3, the player has to try to catch a Crylasm for Mery, as part of the tutorial. He keeps it and names it after Guardian's companion.
  • This companion exists because ChiNoMiko adores llamas.
  • His name is made up of "crystal" and "lama".
    • It could also consist of "cry", for its large deep blue eyes and "basm" (meaning fairy tale in Romanian)
  • special Christmas outfit is inspired by this familiar.
  • During the International Music Day 2018, the constellation of this companion could appear in the hangman game.


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